Why does Sagittarius get aggressive when their freedom is at stake?

Sagittarius is outspoken, intellectual, and friendly signs. The other characteristics of them include being confident, critical, wanting to be independent, etc. But one of the key characteristics of Sagittarius is their obsession with freedom.

Sagittarius needs freedom in their life. They just cannot handle if their freedom is at stake. This is the reason they never let anything affect their freedom. They will never be in a relationship or even career which would demand their freedom. They are carefree souls. They just want to be free rather than being inside a cage.

Why Sagittarius are obsessed with freedom?

Independence is one thing and we all aspire for. We hate the idea of being controlled or be dependent on someone else. This is probably the only reason behind Sagittariu’s obsession with freedom.

They want to be free and independent. They would never end up in a place where they have to let go of their freedom. The obsession of freedom is due to a lot of different factors. They are highly impatient, carefree, and crazy people.

They will do things that might have lots of consequences but still, they won’t care. Their nature is free and they just want to enjoy life. Long term commitments to things can be very scary to them. As they will be thinking that with commitments their freedom will be taken away from them.

They also never want to depend on anyone nor do they want anyone else to depend on them. If anyone will depend on them, they know they can’t have the carefree attitude inside them. They will have to become responsible and thus, they think that their freedom of doing whatever they want will be at stake.

Their freedom will also make them risk-takers. They are not dependent on anyone nor anyone else independent on them which will allow them to take risks in their life. They know they will be responsible for everything they do.

Why does Sagittarius end up alone?

Due to their obsession with freedom, sometimes Sagittarius doesn’t commit to any relationship. Commitment is very important in a relationship. Without commitment, it gets very difficult to be in any relationship.

But Sagittarius sometimes considers commitment will take their freedom from them. They would not be able to do certain things and their life will get controlled by the relationship. This thought inside their mind will not let them commit to any relationship.

This is the reason sometimes, Sagittarius can end up alone. Without commitment, no relationship can last longer. The other person in the relationship will want a commitment to the relationship. Hence, Sagittarius should sometimes relax and be patient with things.

They can get impatient really fast which results in them making weird decisions. They are also scared of long term relationships.

Sagittarius obsession for freedom should not be considered as them being dishonest in a relationship. They are extremely loyal signs and would love to be in a long term relationship. You just have to let them feel that their freedom will not get hampered due to the relationship.

The moment they would feel that the relationship is demanding their freedom, they will try to set themselves free from it.

Are Sagittarius commitment-phobic?

At times, Sagittarius is called people who are scared of commitments. They cannot be in any long term relationship. But the truth is something else. Yes, they are commitment-phobic but they are like that because they want to free.

They don’t want to be in any relationship where they are feeling like they are being caged. They just want to be felt free. When they are with someone who will not forces their own decisions to them and makes them feel free, they will definitely commit to that relationship.

They are not actually scared of commitments but they are scared that the commitment might take away their freedom from them. This is the only reason, they avoid attachments where someone is forcing decisions and opinions to them. They are free persons who want to live life in their own way. They want to do the things they want. This is one of the key characteristics to know a Sagittarius. They are unique in their own way.

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