Why Do I have troubled endings with my relationships all the time?

Why Do I have troubled endings with my relationships all the time?

When a relationship starts, everything feels ecstatic. The person with whom you are having the said relationship seems to be extremely special. All you want to do is devote all your time and life towards strengthening the very bond that you have among you. Talking in literal terms, everything seems magical blissful. Not a day goes by wherein that particular person is not on your mind.

Moving forward, a relationship with your significant other is something that fuels you, provides you with positive energy in your life. But there’s a catch over here. When the same relationship starts taking that energy and positivity away from you, things are not going right at all. This is a clear indication as to how things are going wrong. You start feeling negative about everything, everything starts to feel gloomy, forget about everything else, you, yes you start feeling low as well. A world that seemed perfect moments ago starts showing as to how imperfect it is. And all you want to do after going through all of this is just be alone for a while.

Now, is it this moment that you have gone through the stuff we’ve talked about above. Are you just alone at this very moment in order to get a break from all of that stuff? Are you feeling that this, not the first time you’ve been dealing with this? Maybe you are feeling that you are now part of a cycle that involves giving it all when it comes to building up a good relationship and then it ending up in a really troublesome manner.

Well, dear friend, trust us when we say this, this happens to the best of us. Even planets are aware of this and would be helping us with the forthcoming section where we enlighten you as to why this happens and what we can do about it for all the twelve astrological signs of the zodiac system. Let us get right on to it.


Aries isn't really known to be very open when it comes to sharing things even with people that are extremely close to them. And this is what causes problems in a relationship wherein your significant other might feel as if you are not trusting enough to talk about things. So, dear Aries, have faith in the people that surround you and try sharing things with them.


Taureans have a habit of thinking ahead, which can come extremely handy to them, but the drawback to this is that they sometimes forget to “live in the moment”. This makes their significant other get a vibe that they are not really interested in being with them and that is where all the problems start. Dear Taurus, please just live in the moment!


When it comes to the things that go wrong when you are in a relationship with a Gemini, the thing that acts as a deal-breaker is that a Gemini is a bit too stubborn at times. The kind of superiority complex that they have makes them feel that they are always right, and then in turn refrains them from apologizing even when they are wrong. Fix this, dear Gemini, and all would be cool!


Cancer is sometimes found to be lacking when it comes to having proper communication with their close ones. This bothers people close to a cancer sometimes and things start taking a negative turn. It is okay to talk about things, Cancer!


A Leo is one of the best astrological signs when it comes to relationships, but sometimes the thing that causes worries and issues for them is the poor listening skills that they might have. Fix this dear Leo, and you are good to go!


Ever heard of Backstreet Boys' famous and record-breaking single called “I want it that way”? If you were to ask us, this song is meant for a Virgo. A Virgo is someone who refrains to compromise on things that matter to them sometimes even after their partners are doing it. This is what causes issues between a couple sometimes and things go wrong. You know what you need to do dear Virgo!


Time is Libra’s worst enemy. A Libra always wants to make out the most of any day but in order to go after this target of theirs, they often miss-manage their schedules and don’t have much time left to do important stuff in their daily lives, this involves spending time with their partners as well. Fix this up Libra, and things will be really good!


Holding back words and thoughts is what causes the most problems when it comes to a Scorpian’s love life. Just go out there and say it to them, both you and them would feel super special about it, don’t hold back!


You have never been too good when it comes to trusting people and letting them come close to you, and even if someone gets there, you shut them out. You are causing yourself these problems, dear Sag! Please fix it up and everything would be magical for you as well.


Everyone has weaknesses, even you dear Capricorn. You refrain from showing it to others but it is okay to do so with people that matter because they will help you in turning them to your strengths. Not sharing makes them feel not trusted. Don’t do this to them.


Well well, dear Aquarius, you are someone who’s been a bit hurt quite many times. This has led you to a stage wherein you find it troublesome trusting others, but trust us when we say this, this shows up in a relationship as well. Don’t let your so feel not trusted, and who knows probably this would never cause you another heartbreak.


Last but not the least, Pisces. When it comes to being involved with others, even with your SO in doing a particular work, you think for it to be fit for you to carry out the thing on your own. This is wrong on your part dear Pisces, let others get involved and things would get awesome for you as well!

That is all that we have for today. We discussed as to what the common reasons were for each astrological sign that led to troubled endings in a relationship. Keep these in mind and you might just be good to go. Cheers!