Capricorns are people who are born between the twenty-first of December and the twenty-first of January and belong to the Earth element. They are ruled by the planet Saturn and are known to be optimistic, ambitious, determined and responsible by nature. So, why are they one of a kind?

Capricorns are determined people by nature and if they want something, they will make it happen no matter what.

They are people who get what they want and they know it because they will work hard for it. For them, only when you work hard will you reap its benefits and they will push themselves to work harder than the rest. Capricorns value hard work over a silver spoon and they also believe that once you have given your word, you should keep it or follow through it. That is why whenever a Capricorn makes a promise to you, you innately know that they will keep it or follow it through. They are also duty-bound. They ensure that whatever task they have been given, they will make sure that it is done and will move mountains to get that task done. 

Capricorns are dependable people who are extremely responsible and work well under pressure. 

You know when you hand any task or need to get any sort of valuable work done, they are the ones you will seek out. You can rely on them to get anything done and they will have your back. There are two kinds of people who work under pressure, the first being who has multiple breakdowns and eventually breaks under the pressure and the second being, the person who thrives, remains cool as a cucumber and is calm under pressure. Capricorns belong to the second group and this is mainly because they have trained themselves with the extreme discipline to work well under pressure. They can cope up with any kind of stressful situation and know how to even diffuse an intense situation that may arise. They are very analytical and that helps them immensely in such situations. Capricorns are level headed people and it takes a lot of effort to get under their skin or something to really affect them.

Capricorns have a dry sense of humour and a very sharp wit.

They are people who have a really dry sense of humour and the retort or reply is so quick and quip, that you are momentarily surprised and when you finally think it through, you are startled by the intelligence behind the reply as well as how well they ingrained the humour in the reply as well. Because many times people do not understand their jokes or their witty retorts, they find them to be boring and without any humour, and people who follow and live the most boring and mundane lives. 

Capricorns are extremely honest and straightforward people. 

They hate lying and are always truthful no matter what. They cannot hide how they feel or what they want to say and will say whatever they want to say as clear as the clear blue sky. Not only that, they will also call a spade, a spade and will not offer you flowery words and hide the truth by sugar-coating their words.

Capricorns are literally the sweetest people and have a heart of gold.

They are people who do not know how to hide how they feel and they hate hiding how they feel or what they want to say and they generally do not hide anything as well. They are extremely kind and generous and are always willing to help someone who needs help. Capricorns are very guarded and closed off because people tend to take advantage of their kindness and their generous nature. Once you get to know them and are one of their close friends, you realise that they are the best people to hang out with. They are very playful and affectionate and smother you with their love. They are one of a kind because they will spoil you and they have a tendency of feeling responsible for you if they love you and will take care of you no matter what. 


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