Virgos are the people who are born between the twenty-third of August and the twenty-second of September, and are ruled by the planet Mercury, and belong to the Earth element which means that they practical and responsible people. Capricorns are people born between the twenty second of December and the twenty of January and are ruled by the planet Saturn and their element is the Earth element which means that they have the characteristics of being extremely responsible and capable people.

So, why do Virgos and Capricorns make the best match?

Virgos and Capricorns are people who are very ambitious and career-driven people. Not only that, they are equally stubborn and determined when it comes to achieving a goal and they tend to push themselves and their partners to do better than they already are. Even individually, they strive at whatever they do, and once they place their mind to do something, they make sure they complete it. They set personal goals for themselves and hone themselves to do it and perform better than they were previously. They are people who hate drama and that is one of the main reasons why they get along so well. Virgos and Capricorns are both, humble and down to earth, and very responsible which makes it much easier for them to get along with each other on another level. Had they been opposite, there would have been conflicts of interests and regular fights over trivial matters, mainly from their partner ( no drama from their end, remember?). Both of them are workaholics and love working and at the same time even make time for each other, and if they cannot, the other usually accepts that and understands their priorities. They know that work is their passion and that will always be their first priority.

While they are driven outwardly, they are sensual bed mates, and like everything else they do, they give it their hundred percent and put their heart and soul into it. They are passionate people who are often misunderstood to be stuck up and successful but the main thing is that they are successful because of their hard work and dedication and the number of hours and extra hours of work they put in. While Virgos are guarded and super careful about who they allow inside their heart, Capricorns are much less guarded. Both of them are very loyal and are the kind of people you would want by your side when shit hits the roof. Virgos are calculative by nature, which means that they excel in business and are extremely resourceful people who are creatively inclined. Capricorns are intelligent people who believe that only dedication and constant hard work will get you successful and to places.

They are the power couple because not only are they successful but they are perfectly matched with each other. They hate unnecessary drama and hate being under the spotlight. Not only that, but they are also the people who actually spend a lot of time working, and while they do like socializing and meeting new people if given a choice they would rather stay at home with their partner for a quiet evening. The socializing partner again has an ulterior motive where they would be building connections and meeting new people for the only reason being to expand their list of connections. Virgos and Capricorns understand each other very well because they share a very similar mindset and a set of moral values that are again, very similar to each other. at times, they may even get ridiculously stubborn over matters when they are frustrated, but they have no problem in apologising and always keep their ego and pride outside their relationship. For them, pride and ego has no place in their relationship unlike the other Zodiac signs who would have done the opposite. They are caring and gentle people with the people who they care about and would move mountains to ensure they are happy. They are thoughtful and loving people and that is one of the main reasons why they make each other happy because in spite of not having enough time for each other by normal standards, it is the small actions that count and the understanding they share.