Why Bhakoot Koota is important in Kundali matching?

Why Bhakoot Koota is important in Kundali matching?

Marriages are an important part of society. Vedic astrology believes that in order to perform marriages without any problems, compatibility matching should be done between the bride and the groom. The Kundali matching has been used in the Hindu families from a very long time. It marks a necessary prediction. Now, there are many different phases of Kundali matching. Each phase has its own meaning and significance. The tests involved in the ritual of Kundali matching is vast. Bhakoot Koota is the 7th test in the Kundali matching ritual. It has got a huge importance in the process and it checks one of the most important factors of one’s life. The other name of Bhakoot koota is known as Rashi Gana. Astrology has 12 rashis. Each individual has been divided into these 12 Rashis. Thus, in the Bhakoot Koota or the Rashi Gana, the rashis of the two individuals are matched.


What is Bhakoot Koota in Kundali matching?


As mentioned earlier, Bhakoot Koota is the 7th test of the Ashtakoota Milan system of Kundali matching. There are many tests included in the Kundali milan system each having some meaning and importance to it. Every test checks one of the key areas of life. The Bhakoot Koota system checks the health and wealth within a marriage. The Bhakoot Koota thus gives a detailed analysis of the health and wealth in a relationship. We know that there are 36 gunas that are checked or matched. These gunas are a kind of score of Kundali matching tests. The Bhakoot Koota has the second-highest number of scores associated with it. It comprises in total of 7 scores in the Kundali matching system. It not only checks the health and wealth but also determines the presence of love and harmony in the relationship. In the star matching of the Kundali milan, the Bhakoot Koota is checked. It should be checked to determine whether two individuals will be having a blissful life or not.


In the Ashtakoota system, eight kootas are checked namely,


1. Varna Koota

2. Vashya Koota

3. Tara Koota

4. Yoni Koota

5. Graha Maitri Koota

6. Gana Koota

7. Rashi Koota

8. Nadi koota


These eight kootas are checked for the compatibility test. The Rashi koota is the Bhakoot Koota which is checked in the marriages. The 12 Rashi that are involved in the Bhakoot Koota System is - Mesha, Vrishabha, Mithuna, Karka, Simha, Kanya, Tula, Vrishchika, Dhanu, Makar, Kumbha and Meena. Each Rashi has a ruling planet associated with it. When there is a match between the rashi or the ruling planet, then the Ashtakoota System considers it to be a very favourable pair.


Importance of Bhakoot Koota in Kundali matching

Bhakoot Koota tests one of the most important factors of one’s life. It checks the presence of love in the relationship. Love and harmony is the building block of any relationship. If there is no love then the marriage will be very weak. Thus, one of the key things is determined with the test of Bhakoot Koota. It also checks the health and wealth of the people involved in the marriages. In any relationship, health and wealth is an important factor to be looked into. These two factors can even make a relationship fragile. If there are lots of wealth issues in the relationship, then the two people might suffer from lots of issues in sustaining the relationship. Similarly, health can also bring a huge amount of worries, sorrows in the lives of the two people. Hence, we could see how essential is the Bhakoot Koota test in the Kundali matching. It is one of the most important tests that checks the essential factors of the relationship. Any differences in these factors, can separate the couple and create issues in the relationship. Thus, the couple should have compatibility in each of the above factors. This is the reason, Bhakoot Koota is so important in the Ashtakoota System of Kundali matching.