Why are Virgos called the Thinkers

Why are Virgos called the Thinkers

Virgos are born between the twenty-third of August and twenty-second of September and are ruled by the planet Mercury. They are analytical by nature and are always known the thinkers among the rest of the zodiac signs. They tend to be perfectionists, they hate it when something is out of order and not like the way they left it or want it as it was.

Why are they called ‘the thinkers?

They are aptly called as the thinkers because they are very intellectual by their nature. They cannot help it, that is just the way they are wired and they tend to always over-analyze and overthink their decisions and every action they have made. Sometimes, when they are thinking too hard, you can literally hear the gears and wheels moving in their brain. They do not talk much, but they are not just talkers who run their mouth, they actually show and prove it with their actions. They are the determined lot, who pave their own way for their future with the help of their own abilities and do not take any sort of assistance from others. They are never indecisive or uncertain. They know what they are doing and they do it well. They spend so much time thinking before they do something, the fact is that they are busy calculating the pros and cons behind the action and the situation in which they are in and how it will benefit them.

Virgos are extremely determined and creative.

Virgos are determined and they will do whatever it takes to be successful. They are creative and intelligent and tend to be equally resourceful as well. Not only that they are extremely competitive and that drives them even more, it creatively powers them to do their best and aim to do better than they ever were. They are also perfectionists and will do everything perfectly and ensure that everything is perfectly done to the T. They have extremely high standards and tend to have equally high expectations from others as well. Some times, they even end up making people work and overwork as slaves, which is quite unintentionally after all. They are workaholics and cannot seem to understand the fact that other people are not wired the way they are and definitely do not like working all the time. They hate it when someone tries teaching them something they already know when someone tries to patronize them to be exact. Virgos also hate it when someone tries their best in criticizing them considering the fact that they over analyze their faults and mistakes as well and then find people trying to pick out their faults and try their best to find something lacking in their abilities which they spent quite a number of hours, countless to be precise, to perfect whatever they do with almost zero mistakes.

Virgos are organized and have the innate need to be systematic.

Virgos are extremely organized and hate it when people are messy. They like everything to be systematic, be it folders or even the work assignments to their wardrobe as well. They make sure everything remains organized and maintains everything as systematic and organized as it can get so that things and work run as smoothly as possible with a minimum and least number of problems and difficulty arising in their way.

Virgos are the realists.

Virgos are cynics, skeptics, and the realists of the group. They do not believe in rumors and do not have time for gossip. They have to see it to believe it. Until then, it is not proven and it remains a worthless rumor. They are humble and firmly rooted in the ground. They do not ever count their chickens before they hatch and are always grounded regardless of how successful they are or become in the future. They are very honest and straight forward people who call the spade, a spade, and tend to even say the truth no matter how hard it is to tell because they know that to cover up for one lie they will have to say a number of it, which they rather not.