Why are our past lives erased from the present?

Why are our past lives erased from the present?

The most frequent question asked regarding our lives is “How is it that we don’t remember our past lives at all?” This question is not only vital to be answered, but is required to know about our own growth and self-awareness. It was our very own life that we lived in a different way, so why are we not allowed to remember what happened?

The following are three of the reasons why we don’t remember our past lives

Distractions in life

It is said that new born babies might remember their past lives, but as they grow up, their mind get occupied with other things leading them to forget their past memories. While in their mother’s womb they may be fully conscious and remember their past life, the reasons for coming into this life and their purpose.

Then is the moment of birth which is stressful and life threatening for the baby and the mother as well. Once the baby is born, it needs to learn to adjust to the lights, its new surroundings and needs to learn how to eat and drink mother’s milk. After this, the child may have to put up with their grandparents doting, their siblings jealously and the struggle to get their needs and thoughts out into the world. Since no one understands what a baby is trying to say until they reach a certain age where they are able to speak.

Moving on to the period where they learn how to use their mouth and body parts to do essential things like walking and talking. After all these efforts they finally learn how to speak to their family members. Throughout this whole growing up process, the child ends up creating new memories and forgetting the ones they already have. This is why we end up forgetting our past lives.

Community norms

When the child is old enough to speak, they try to tell their family about their past life. However their family tells them off by saying its their fantasies and their imagination. The memories of their past slowly fade away with time and is finally gone from their mind when they become adults.

After many years, some people try to regain their memories either through investing loads of money in people who are able to do so, or trying to remember it themselves. Although some people may be able to regain their memories, in some religions it is an evil omen to remember, and the people that do so are shunned or kicked out of gatherings.

Some people consider past memories to be a part of the afterlife and do not wish to recover them at any cost. Thus many people will not be able to learn the things they did in their past lives or what past experiences contributed to what they are now.

Evasion or prevention

Another essential reason why people want or prevent regaining their memories is to try and escape all the negative memories. This feat and forgetfulness may come through regret, shame, remorse, horror, grief or boredom.

Every single person has experienced many painful memories in their lives. Many have lost someone close to them, had their hearts broken, or regretted doing or saying something. Not only are these memories part of a journey as a human, these situations serve as a stepping stone to becoming a new character and shaping your personality. After experiencing all these painful memories we become vigilant and tend to watch ourselves more closely and strengthen ourselves to prevent reliving those memories.

Some other different yet important reasons

Regularly, individuals stick to the recollections of those troublesome occasions, characterizing their world and feeling of life by them. Contrast this mentality with somebody who works out to build their muscles. They strain and stress to make the actual shape they look for; yet, when the activity is done, the muscle head puts the loads down and essentially appreciates the outcomes. Conflictingly, when individuals practice their character through the heaviness of life experience, fabricating their way of thinking, feeling of life, and shrewdness, as often as possible they neglect to put down the "loads", hauling the pressure and injury around with them each second into what's to come.

Through previous existence relapse we can turn out to be completely insightful of the aftereffects of worrying about those concerns. We drag them from life to life, bringing about pressure, torment, blockage, fears, and brokenness on each level. By recuperating the build-up of these previous existence scenes, we can leave the occasions in their legitimate spots, bringing just the leftover shrewdness and development into the present.