The Moon is one of the very important celestial bodies in the Vedic astrology especially in the matters related to Kundali. The Moon is also known as Chandra or Soma. This name is derived from the intoxicating sacred drink which is prominent in Vedic scriptures.

The meaning of Chandra is “shining and bright” which uses the Sanskrit language. The Moon is known to be the astrological element which represents thoughts and feelings on an emotional level. It indicates an individual’s basic habits, deepest personal needs, and reactions by the individual due to unconsciousness of self.

Importance from the Astrological point:

In Hindu traditions and culture, the Moon is of utmost importance. Its placement in an individual’s Kundali helps in determining many things.

Moon is considered to be the ruler of the zodiac signs that belong to the element water. It has more capacity than the Sun, to cause fluctuations in the moods and also drive individual personalities.

Moon is perceived to be the symbol of colossal purity and truth as well as the expression of wisdom and divinity. Not only this but it also signifies the definite expression of charm, fantasy, beauty and dreams. The color companied with the Moon is White and the gemstone is a Pearl.

Chandra Mahadasha:

If an individual contains the Moon as the Ruling Nakshatra then this creates a Chandra Mahadasha. Moon is known to symbolize feelings that are maternal in nature and also other aspects like nourishment, fertility, emotions, public life, etc.

Due to such attributes it is natural for the individual to be intuitive, emotional and possess concerns related to the near and dear ones, home, etc.

Effects of Chandra Mahadasha:

Chandra Mahadasha effects makes a person very sensible as they acquire qualities like being affluent, sensitive, having good memory, receptive and tending to deeds that are meritorious.

If the Moon is strong during a Chandra Mahadasha then the person tends to be artistic, imaginative, fearless, knowledgeable, etc.

If the Moon is weak then the person might suffer from mental weakness, menstrual problems, kidney problems, lethargy, etc.

What exactly is Chandra Dosha?

This particular Dosha will appear in your Kundali due to the wrong position of the Moon at the time of Mahadasha. This particular Dosha is likely to have a negative impact on your relationships as well as on the bond of the people close to you.

With this Dosha in your Kundali, you are likely to suffer from all kinds of diseases as well as physical pains. You might even have to go through depression and a lot of mental stress.

Chandra Dosha is likely to cause some sort of personality problems in your, your emotions will constantly be on the edge and there will be problems on the family front as well as your mental condition won’t be good enough to deal with people properly.

Different Remedies for Curing Chandra Dosha:

In order to cure this particular Dosha and lessen its effect on your life, you must please the Moon since this Dosha is directly associated with the bad positioning of the Moon.

You are advised to donate things like rice, camphor, grains and a white cloth. You can also consider donating silver, white sandal, flower, sugar, bullocks, pearls and curds.

Donating such things might bring a difference in your life. Another way to lessen the effect of Chandra Dosha is by chanting the Chandra Graha Mantra without fail.

Gods Associated with Chandra Dosha:

In order to understand this Dosha, you must know that it was Daksha who cursed Moon to fade and lose its luster. Lord Shiva then saved the Moon and wore it on his head.

Therefore, this makes Lord Shiva the ruler of Moon. So, in order to please Moon you must pray to Goddess Parvati. This will help in curing the effect this particular Dosha has on your life.

You can pray to Goddess Parvati either separately or with Moon. Another way to please Moon to nullify the effect of Chandra Dosha is by praying to Ardhnareshwar.

Therefore, if you consult a proper astrologer, you will be able to get proper information and remedy about Chandra Dosha. This Dosha can have a lot of negative impact in your life; hence, curing it is must.