Which Zodiac is compatible for Leo Woman

About Leo

The Leo star sign is one of incredible power as evidenced by the people and they are born between 23rd July to 23rd August. Leos likes to live the life loud and have healthy self-esteem that may border on arrogance. They always want to be the first in doing everything within their circle of friends and families.

Leo is governed by logic and passion and so it’s not uncommon for these individuals to be involved in professions that give them the opportunity to protect the societies downtrodden. Though being a Leo woman, one is generally optimistic and seemingly fearless to be the leaders. They will approach all the situations head-on and ready for anything. They ought to be the centre of attraction and the decision-makers who are always seeking others approval. Leo women are very emotional and sensitive as they get hurt easily, their extreme confidence and mask their own insecurities. They are easily affected by the surrounding auras and often try to improve other’s feelings, even if it is at the expense of their own feelings.

Compatibility check

Leo women are straightforward and they are not one going to shy away from an argument which is why they need someone who can be frank with them by all the other means. While others might find your attitude competitive, you are your own competition. Leo women thrive on their passion, but it’s hard to find someone who can handle that. They are also kind and loyal friends who are exceedingly generous and often overly protective.

Following are the signs which are compatible for them-


Leo and Aries are both of the fire signs and have a lot of fire in their relationship too. Their relationship pretty much depends on the timing and how mature each one of them is at the time they meet. The Leo lover can be a certain circumspect in the beginning, thinking about what the Aries has to offer him and the Aries will love them for this. The excitement and new challenges are the ones which make them great as a couple. They may sometimes fight over who is supposed to be in charge because of Leo’s nature to be the ruler of all times. When these signs fall in love with one another, the more they get to know each other, the more intense the relationship will be for them. They will always try to add new things to their relationships and will experience new adventures every day which will help them not to get bored with each other. They will both want attention and be admired.


The two Leos together for a dynamic, magnetic, highly passionate and very exciting union. Leo is called the superstar for the zodiac who needs attention and loves to shine in the spotlight. Thus, they tend to understand each other very well as they have the same love interests which will make the king and the queen of their relationship. As they will experience a pretty dynamic relationship which includes an exciting sexual as well as love life if they understand each other well. They may face an issue in who will lead their relationship which can cause long term problems in the relationship. This is something that both of them have to work out because both of them have enormous egos. Though they make each other comfortable around one another and will also help each other to love the world around them.


These signs tend to start on a high note as they have a sparkling kind of an affair. They are different for what they need or what they are looking for but they often find each other fascinating. Leo women are often looking for excitement and the Aquarius men help them to create that excitement which will drive them through the craziness. As Leo is a fire sign and wants to live their life magnificently and also wants to be the star which needs a lot of attention while the Aquarius is a mental sign and is very curious which lives through its mind and is also very strongly opinionated.  Aquarius is very good with words and shoots those barbs out their way in a relationship. They can also be someone that deflates the pomposity or ego of their partners which will make their relationship stay grounded and not fall apart. As Aquarius does not have too much patience while Leo, on the other hand, feels abandoned and so because of their fixed qualities, they may not be the best couple for a long term relationship. 

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