Which Tarot cards are the significance of Healing?

Which Tarot cards are the significance of Healing?

People often misinterpret the Tarot Card readers as well as their readings. The basic interpretation of the Tarot card readers is believed to be a similar figurine of a witch or a wizard who wears long black capes and brew potions with the candles all around the doom. And when someone comes to ask them about their future predictions related to one phenomenon or another, they just always tell things to lead the individual straight to doom. 

All these images get into the head from the movies and shows which display this kind of environment. However, that is not at all the case. You can relax by knowing the fact that the tarot card readers are just like the normal human beings who are gifted with the ability to see into the insights of an individual just like that of the expert astrologers who follow the pattern of ancient Vedic astrology to check the future compatibility or simply the events of the future which are most likely to occur in an individual’s life.

Also, you can relax from the superstition that the tarot card readings bring misfortune as well. Just as the Vedic Hindu astrology has both Gunas and Doshas in its Janam Kundali or the birth chart or horoscope, the Tarot cards are also.

Now, you must have noticed above many times that we have used the word ‘future’ many times along with the Tarot Card readers as well as its readings. So, after clearing all the physical conceptions as well as the imaginative beliefs, let us help you to clear your one last misconception again which is that the Tarot Cards are insights into the future. 

It might be hard to believe but the Tarot Cards do not provide insight into the future. Feeling shocked? Yes, it might be a bit. But that does not mean that the Tarot Cards are of no use now. Tarot Cards have their benefits which cannot be seen in any other form of astrology or insights. 

The Tarot Card reading is a hand holding for those individuals who are confused and are in dire need to find some solutions as an answer to their riddles of life. It does not provide you the actual guidance but predicts the most appropriate problems and its solutions through the tarot cards which are revealed while reading the incidents fo an individual’s life. 

There are two different types of Tarot readings, depending on the demand and the requirement of the individual’s situation. These two readings include the open readings as well as the question readings. There are different ways to learn about the situations of an individual. Different types of decks as well as different types of interpretations are used to gain insight for the most likely dangers. 

The tarot cards help you to aware of the problem and help you to take you out. Different types of decks hold different kinds of images. Their meanings are entirely different based on the position it is served. It is usually in most cases that when the card is served as upright, it will lead to positive things and when placed upside down, the doom or the negative things shall prevail shortly. 

 Let us look at some of the most occupied tarot cards which depict the sign of healing.


The Star

The Star Tarot Card is a symbol of hope and faith when it is placed right. However, if the tarot card is reversed, then all the situations reverse as well. 

This inspirational and healing tarot card, when served upright, is said to bring harmony and productivity in a person’s life. However, if the position of the card is reversed, then it is believed that the person is moving back from the healing position to the destruction position again. 

If we focus on the Everyday Tarot Deck, then the ratio of working in the form of practical abilities displays the factor which is associated with the purity and the vastness amidst the darkness prevailing. 

The Temperance 

The Temperance card holds the balance and moderation in the form of the upright placing. However, it is just opposite when this temperance card is reversed. 

Bound by the Earth and the law of nature, the Temperance card is believed to be related to being with the balance and prosperity when the card is served upright which shows that the happiness and harmony lie ahead.

 However, on the other hand, if the card is served reverse, then the imbalance and the re-alignment of nature prevails all around which might make the person quite a time to heal. 

The Three of Swords

The sharpness of the swords which is displayed through the positions of the swords tells that the person has to suffer from rough paths of his or her life which may include the breaking of heart, as well as the loss of power of control over emotions. 

Since this road signifies the part where the grief is highly shown, the three swords highlight the pain that one has to go through if the card is served in the reversed position. All the work required to make sure that the person avoids the conflicts gets end here as the card displayed shows sorrow and grief.

The two of cups

Based on the readings of the Everyday Tarot deck, the two cups display the figurine of a woman and a man who are standing close together. The closeness in the image displays the symbol of love and attraction when the card is served upright. 

However, if the card is reversed, all the good things convert into bad and the person may have to suffer from serious problems such as the sorrow and pain in relationships as well as grief and breakups. 

However, when the two cups are served to the individual in an upright position, it signifies the fieriness of the couple in a relationship which will lead them to the part where they will remain passionate about each other for a long period.