Which Sport Should Your Sign Play?

Which Sport Should Your Sign Play?

Sports are a great way to let out all pent up energy and frustration in one go, and they benefit your body too. So what is the sport you think your sign should play, or at least try to? It might seem a little silly, but sports actually have a great connection to your psyche, and your personality can help you determine exactly how to unleash your sporty side. Here is what we think your sign would love to play.


Gemini, Scorpio

Basketball is a sport that requires great hand-eye coordination, as well as a lot of team spirit. You need to think on your feet and make sure that you take practical decisions about the ball. It is also a fast-paced game and requires a lot of stamina, so it is not everyone’s cup of tea. Gemini is a social person, and you love being surrounded by people. The best sports for you are those where you do not have to be alone, but can also play to your strengths. Basketball would be the perfect fit for you in those terms. Gemini, you can also try rowing or perhaps volleyball. Scorpios seek the thrill of sports. You love the adrenaline rush and want to be involved in a fast-moving game, which is why basketball is the perfect sport for you.


Libra, Leo, Aries

A sport like tennis requires strength, courage, and a very strong will. It also requires aggression and proper hand-eye coordination. It is not necessarily a team game, so the player must know how to play to his or her strengths and use those of their partner as well. Their service needs to be perfect, and this requires proper flexibility and dexterity. Since the sole attention belongs to the player at hand, Leos find this sport perfect to support their ego. It also allows them to flaunt their swings and get the attention they desire, making them the star of the game when they win. The aggression required in this game is what attracts Aries to it, along with the intense competition and use of their stamina. In Spite of the aggression, tennis has an elegance to it, be it the dressing style, or the nobility of the game itself, which attracts all Libras to it. It does make them sweat, but they love every minute of it. If Libras feel this sport takes their breath away, you can also try out fencing or skating.


Saggitarius, Aquarius, Taurus

Strength is just one quality that this sport requires. Other than that, resilience, and persistence are important too. You cannot be a good cricket player unless you are a team player, and know a little bit of everything. A sport like a cricket can go on for days and days, which means the players require a lot of stamina as well. And not everyone has a good shot no, do they? Which is why we think that Only these three signs can deliver the best results. A Taurus is famous for being lazy, but also the intelligent one. They love to solve a good puzzle, and figuring out the strategy for this game is what attracts them the most. An Aquarius on the other hand is all about pushing his or her limit. They love the running around of it all, granted it can be slow, but it also makes the work very hard for a victory, which is why they love it. And the Sagittarius is in it for the fun, laughter, and the memories. For you, nothing is more important than enjoying yourself, while you make a couple of friends for life. Brotherhood and sportsmanship are important for this sign, and both are readily available when you play cricket.


Pisces, Cancer

Swimming might sound like a delight, but when taken in terms of a sport one must possess the durability and stamina to participate. This sport can be relaxing and is all about being one with the water. A number of individuals like swimming, but do not have what it takes to be a sportsperson. This is why we recommend the sport to Pisces and Cancer, for both these signs have the ability to connect with water given their emotional availability. They can truly feel themselves when they take up any water-based activities, which is after all, the entire point of sports. If a Cancer thinks that swimming might not be their thing, we suggest you try out sailing or perhaps even rowing, for they not only connect you to nature but also to other people just like you.


Virgo, Capricorn

This spot does not require a lot of effort, and only a determined mind and a free spirit. However, without the right technique it can be extremely frustrating to anyone who plays it. The hand-eye coordination is of utmost importance, and for one to be successful in the game of golf they need to have a connection with their body, understanding exactly how it works and how to put it into the position which will help them get good results. Virgo is not a fan of competitive sports, and your main objective is to remain healthy. They love the idea of this game as it allows them to exercise, improve themselves, and interact with anyone around them. A Capricorn on the other hand is determined. They love the challenge this game poses, and feel the triumph getting the best of them. The strategy required to play golf is also what attracts them to this game.