Which Sign Is Leo Most Compatibile With?


Positioning from 120 to 150 degrees in the celestial longitude of the zodiac wheel Leo is the fifth astrological sign in the sun-sign list. The sun transits the constellation of the zodiac is from the timeline of July 23rd to August 22nd of the year. The figurative translation of the constellation is a lion. The ruling celestial object associated with Leo is not a planet but the Sun itself while the element framing their personality is Fire. The story documented states that the symbol is derived from the mythological Nemean lion. The characteristics of Leo are very much inspired by Sun which means they are born leaders and will need a little nudge of nurturing.

According to expert astrological readings, the best compatible signs with Leo are with Aquarius and Sagittarius. Before we dive into the relationship traits and how Leo’s are treated by their partners it is imperative to know the love personalities of all the three zodiacs.


LEO LOVE PERSONALITY                                        

Leo and Loyal these two words go hand in hand. Their personality might include being stubborn and intensely straight forward which can sometimes come off as rude but this also implies that they don’t keep things hidden and have no tendency of being secretive. Once in love and committed they will not only do anything for their partner's comfort and security but will also be very protective and won't allow an external source to disrupt the peace of mind of their partner. They are never shy or ashamed of their relationship and no matter how tough they project themselves they always tough but they bloom and melt like blossoms in front of their significant other. They shower their partners with attention and this relationship is something one can never forget. One thing Leos cannot tolerate is the dishonesty that is why they are less compatible with people who keep things to themselves.



Aquarius is determined by the element water and like every general personality, their love for someone they care about goes deep like the water. Aquarius is passionate lovers and very territorial about their partner but at the same time, they are very generous and will never obstruct anyone to do something they love. Aquarius is also not shy of being physically intimate with someone once they have grown the number of feelings for someone but at the same time they like to talk about their personal feelings and they are mostly compatible with zodiacs who also like to communicate with their partners.



Sagittarius is very optimistic lover they rarely like to fight with their partners. Love is always an adventure for them and they don’t like doing monotonous thing every day. This feisty fire sign will is creative, resourceful and always on the go in the relationship and they will surely tag their partner along with them to every beautiful journey. Sagittarius will also accept every flaw of their partner and this zodiac push their partners to every potential they believe they can reach. Sagittarius will also not accept anyone disrespecting their partner and the relationship.



Water and Fire , the two elements that governs the two signs are opposite and the attraction is always great in the relationship of opposite signs. Leo and Aquarius are the most compatible sign because Leo believes in clarifying things in the initial stage and at the same time when Aquarius believes in deep feelings for someone they will respect their ideologies and surely share their own thoughts along. One cannot imagine the passion between these two partners. Their sex life can be a struggle but at the same time be an amazing experience.

Leo loves their independence and they will always be liberated and yet will want to come back to the warm support of an Aquarius at the end of the day. Aquarius can sometimes be insecure of their own skills but Leo will always be ready to give the mental support the zodiac will need.



As two fire sign, the passion in bot emotional and sexual side of the relationship will be intense. In the initial stage both this zodiac might feel a little composure towards the commitment but when they understand the warm love they have towards their partners they will jump in impulsively to the cause. They believe in building up each other’s self-esteem and always accept each other’s flaws as both the signs have quite a few especially mental issues like anger problems.

Both Leos and Sagittarius have a reputation of falling into disrespectful relationships but when they come together they can be compatible as they understand from where their trust issues and skepticism towards any bond comes from. Their sexual relationship is very fiery and they both will enjoy each other’s company.

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