Which Gemstone Is Powerful for Which Zodiac Sign?

Which Gemstone Is Powerful for Which Zodiac Sign?


Fiery Aries is a leader of his/her gang. They love to go on adventures and experience hurdles with an active spirit. They are energetic and full of confidence regarding whatever they are heading towards, in their life.

They have negativity. Because of their impatient nature, they often lose interest in the work or decision they took upon.

A powerful stone for them: Diamond.

Because of their indecisive nature, they fall in and out of love quite quickly. They are generous with their closed ones and are always up for enjoyment in life.


When it comes to patience and perseverance, Taurus rules over the Zodiacs with grace. They stand at almost everything that they pursue with their consistency. They are fun-loving people and that is what makes them stand under the limelight.

They believe in peace and calmness but when triggered, they can be stubborn to the core. They start to ignore and indulge themselves within.

A powerful stone for them: Emerald.

Taurus are great musicians and can be enthralled by tunes. They are sensual and magnetic. Despite everything, they are great friends to be around with.


Joy and Freedom define Gemini as their true self. They have a rich quality of intellect but tends to hide it inside and experience excruciating pain within. Expressing thoughts makes them free. They lead a gorgeous life and surround themselves with charm.

They are easy to get into boredom and then a change of mind takes place. They are always restless and get away from situations if needed.

A powerful stone for them: Moonstone.

Gemini is beautiful people to be around and you may find different options in life while living with them, be it from varieties of crockery set to shades of carpets for the floor. They are full of surprises.


Emotions are what a Cancer is made up of. For them, every moment demands to be felt. They feel every moment of their life, whether it is a balloon of happiness and merry-making or a heap of sadness piled up.

Cancers are highly protective of the family. They do not hold grudges against anyone but remembers every deed done.

A powerful stone for them: Ruby.

People might take advantage of their kind attitude. They must be careful while trusting people. They know love to love people with all their hearts.


Leos are inborn with the talent of authorizing and putting a command and others tend to follow it. They are very good organizers and dedicated to whatever work they pick to accomplish. They can be very outspoken which might hurt others around them.

They are very loving to their friends and family and can be considerate of only the things they find is important.

A powerful stone for them: Peridot.

These Lions have a passionate heart and tend to fall in love deeply. It causes them to break their hurt due to profound feelings. They heal and fall in love again but with precautions.


When it comes to clear thoughts and a swift personality, nobody can beat a Virgo in that game. They are one of those zodiacs who has a witty state of mind and a great blend of work and play. They know when to put themselves in rest.

They should understand the invisible line between weakness and strength. Their process to show strength might hurt a feeble person.

A powerful stone for them: Sapphire.

Virgos are not easily pleased. It takes a lot of dedication to win the heart of a Virgo. Once they fall in love, their love shines strong but needs to be fuelled from time to time.


The ultimate definition of symmetry and balance is Libra. These Zodiac signs are saturated with devotion to whatever work they are indulged in. They also take equal leisure when it comes to the time of relaxation.

They might suffer from trying to make every perfect which can be stressful for others dealing around with a Libra.

A powerful stone for them: Opal.

Libras are traditional and would be inclined towards decorating their home with music and love. A wedding holds a very important decision for their life.


Scorpio holds the power of a very secretive sign amongst the Zodiac. They hold mystical abilities to foresee things. They tend to get jealous if something is taken away from them forcefully and win along with successful revenge.

Thus, it is always wise to think twice before messing with this sign. They are selective and expresses hatred without any obligation.

A powerful stone for them: Topaz.

As they are secretive, that becomes their insecurity too. It is advisable to share everything with them. That makes them feel safe around their loved ones.


The thirst to know more or to gather more knowledge makes Sagittarius a responsible teacher. They are quite knowledgeable and always keep themselves updated. They love to engage themselves in any kind of sports and often excel in it.

They have a clean heart and that makes them desirable to their friends along with their family. They have a tendency to act rudely and cold that may lead them to trouble.

A powerful stone for them: Zircon.

They love to know and befriend people from all over the world but might take up a thought in mind of not getting into a wedlock.


Capricorn holds the vintage or the traditional roots in the Zodiac family. They believe in serving the people of the nation. They can often adapt to terrible conditions but would bother to cry. They are strong from the inside.

They have great dreams to achieve and receive a great amount of money. It is advisable to hold a grip over the emotions while handling money. They should not be carried away.

A powerful stone for them: Garnet.

They have a quality of healthy flirtatiousness. They do not many anyone in random picked up by their parents. They analyze before taking steps in life.


Aquarius is known to be frank and an amicable Zodiac found in the list. They are pure at heart and holds no grudges against anyone. They have a broad-minded attitude. They can do anything to learn the truth no matter whatever it takes.

They want to pursue many different interests but later stick around a few due to their lack of energy.

A powerful stone for them: Amethyst.

They are faithful confidants. They might take a bit longer time when it comes to wedlock as they are not habituated to express in front of new people.


Pisces is often termed as a role model or an inspirational figure. They are full of hope and positivity. They have an urge to make money and are quite keen on it. They stay away from things and people that pull them down to competition.

They love to dream and have a great affinity towards painting and arts. They are great performers and love to perform. They can be baseless and throw fit due to their own frustration.

A powerful stone for them: Aquamarine.

They love animals and nature. It can make them good parents and a good human being. They might have one or more than one wedlock.