Which Blush shade suits each Zodiac?

When it comes to a beautiful face contoured well to bring out the chiselled look when the highlighter makes you the centre of attention. When your lipstick dares to stand in front of the crowd, your blush makes you feel the person you really are and you are beautiful with or without makeup.

You are your own queen no matter what others think and say. Live life at the fullest and ignore those who make you feel low. Makeup is highly about being happy inside applying it. It makes a person feel confident about themselves.

And this legacy started since time immemorial when Cleopatra, the most beautiful woman of the world used it by creating the products all by herself. She used to apply her own authentic blush with red clay. What can be more interesting DIY than this?

Here are the blush tone for our Zodiac tribe:


Aries is the most adventurous sign of the Zodiac. They love to explore and experiment thus that makes them bold. Their appearance in front of the people has to be top-notch.

You can build your confidence with a shimmer of Rose that will never ditch you. Their daring and brave personality makes them more confident to carry the shade of Burgundy.

Blush Shade: Lakme 9 to 5 Pure Rouge Blusher- Rose Crush.


The most responsible and the dedicated zodiac present in the Zodiac is Taurus. Being an Earth sign, they are more inclined towards the pastel shades when it comes to choosing a shade for their blush.

A coral blush shade would not only enhance their face but also makes them look divine. Being a humble, nurturing and a calm soul, Taurus loves to stay subtle.

Blush Shade: Coral Climax 05, Sugar Cosmetics Contour de Force Mini Blush.


This Zodiac is playful of all the signs when it comes to playing with colours. Gemini is vulnerable in a good way and that makes them stand out in the crowd.

They adore the concept of ‘love is in the air’ and a tint of pink makes them even more romantic. They are ready to fall in love with this signature blush shade.

Blush Shade: Faces Canada Perfect Blush- Hot Pink 02.


When Ambition comes to the list, Cancer stands at the top of the list. They love to imagine and create their life with what they want. If they want it, they make sure to get it.

They make the most of their moment and a shade of tangerine makes them sure of where they want to be. It reflects their heart which is full of kindness.

Blush Shade: L.A. Girl Just Blushing Just for Fun.


Leo is one of those Zodiac signs who is titled as the life of the party. Their sense of humour and contended nature makes them loved by all. They are perky and loves all the eyes on them.

They love to be self-oriented and the shade of Red makes the passionate lions roar with compassion. They feel the world within their heart when they get pampered.

Blush Shade: Pink Pinnacle (Deep Rose) 02- Sugar Cosmetics Contour De Force Mini.


The most hardworking Zodiac is this lady, Virgo. They have a motto to worship work before life. They love to be perfect in whatever they attain to achieve.

Their practical and generating thoughts make them serious at times. The shade of nudes is what a Virgo would crave for to define their swift and witty attitude.

Blush Shade: Lakme 9 to 5 Pure Rouge Blusher- Nude Flush.


For a fantabulous persona, Libra is the zodiac that makes a trademark. They know the concept of balancing life just like balancing the right amount of highlights to spark amongst the crowd.

These people love warm company and love to have good moments in life. Wedlock is on their priority list and a shade of brown is what they look upon to bring out the perfect blush when they smile.

Blush Shade: L.A Girl Just Blushing Just Glowing.


Being one of the mysterious signs of the Zodiac, Scorpio knows how the rule the game of life with silence and passion. They can have mood tsunamis at times and that is what keeps them normal from time to time.

They won’t bother about other people’s opinion and so they put on a shade of nude pink to present their statement of what they are made of- bravery and cleverness.

Blush Shade: Colorbar Cheekillusion Blush New Pink Pinch 008.


The bold and the beautiful phrase is the one made for the zodiac, Sagittarius. They are the fearless tribe and is up for any kind of risks in their lives. They are a box of knowledge to be summed up.

To set a beauty spark in their own will power, they will blindly choose the hot Fuchsia to make their day and life shine bright like a sun. These engaging zodiacs are loved by all.

Blush Shade: L.A. Girl Just Blushing Just Love.


Capricorn is the zodiac that rules in the mind-set of stability. They love to follow the traditional values and are greatly fond of the homely atmosphere. Their disciplinary nature makes them trust-worthy.

A mauve shade should be the definite wear for this zodiac as they are solitude lovers as well as a person who loves to be at a gathering depending on how comfortable they are with the situation.

Blush Shade: Mauve Marvel 03- Sugar Cosmetics Contour De Force Mini


The independence lovers of the zodiac are the Aquarius. They love to voice their opinions and try to stay positive in every area of life unless they start overthinking. They are open to people and love to be friends with all.

Nothing is hidden from this sign and the bronze shade expresses that very well through their blush. It is really happening to these zodiacs in our life.

Blush Shade: Colorbar Cheekillusion Blush Bronze Glaze 011.


The dreamy and the zodiac of the fantasy land is none other than Pisces. This sign is very creative and takes art to the next level of imagination.

Their bubbly persona is all about a shade of peach that would make feel them beautiful inside out. Being a genuine human being, they tend to be kind and compassionate by heart.

Blush Shade: Faces Canada Perfect Blush- Cocktail Peach 04.

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