Living in the land of predictions and superstitious behavior, we all tend to have a certain part of our human nature devoted to the traditional and ritual-based norms of the Indian culture. Speaking of traditions and rituals, have you ever questioned yourselves that whether or not you believe in the concepts and processes of astrology?

Well, even if your answer is no to this question then let us tell you that you are wrong. And this is because living in a country like India automatically connects us to the astrological roots of our ancient norms. So, be it intentional, unintentional, conscious, or subconscious every Indian tend to be superstitious and traditional in their ways. Speaking of these ancient traditions, have you ever questioned the authenticity of these traditions? Have you ever thought that whether or not are these traditions and rituals accountable? 

 Well, residing in this traditional country sure does gives us several schools of thought to follow and some of these thoughts also say that God himself does not approve of the idea of horoscopes and astrology being followed. So, let us have a look at this through a detailed lens. 


Well, the question that we have posed above tends to have several answers, if you go out and ask people about the answer to this question then you will not get one simple answer. There will be several, SEVERAL thoughts and opinions as shared by the people and will probably be because here, In India people have their own opinions and thoughts that they wish to express. So, now, let us have a look at the answer to this question through two different perspectives. 


Well, this one is the first perspective I suppose. So, to begin with, if we answer the above question keeping in mind the viewpoint of those who believe in the charms and wonders of astrology. So, as for these people is itself a way of being connected to the almighty so they do not witness it as something which is against the will of God. 

 They believe that astrological norms can achieve everything, from peace, enlightenment, marriage solutions to everything else related to life. We know that astrology was not laid out by God, it is formed by the calendar’s observations along with the pantry positions in one’s kundali chart, or shall we say a natal chart. So, yes all in all as for the perspective it follows the norms that astrology is valid and it helps us in determining several factors of our respective lives. 


Well, hopping on to the next perspective, let us tell you that the people belonging to this side of the debate extremely condemn the above motion. People who do not believe in the concepts of astrology and all the processes related to kundali belong to that school of thought which claims that there is only and only one god, and of someone who believes in the existence and the blessing of God then he/she will not need the support of astrology in any which ways. 

They say that we people do not need any planets, stars, or houses to determine our future to fix some existing problems. And neither do these people require any sorts kundalis or natal charts to be made to keep a check on all the latest events in their lives. The almighty can take good care of his devotees, there is no need for any validation if you believe in the wonders of God. 

 Moreover, if you believe in your god then there should be no trace of worry in your life as you should feel that you are being watched by your doting parent. Respect the existence and traditions of the almighty and do not insult him by resorting towards then astrological norms. 

 P.S.- all in all, if we weigh the debate, then the perception of an almighty being everything sure has the better viewpoint. So, if you believe in god, let life go with the flow and stay satisfied with what God provides you with. 

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