Librans are the people who are born between the twenty-third of September and the twenty-second of October and are ruled by the planet Venus. Their element is the Air element and they are known to be sensitive and impulsive. Which is very true and you would know it the best because, well, your best friend is a Libran after all.

Your best friend is loyal as hell.

You know that your best friend is so loyal that they will probably even follow you to Hell after you die because let us face it, you know you did not do deeds that will guarantee you a happy after life. They are the ones who have your back and they know when you need them, and if anyone has made you sad or even hurt you, you are the one who has to save them before your best friend can even get to them with a baseball bat and land in jail for an attempt to murder or even murder.

Your best friend is a huge softie underneath all that hard bluster.

You know that your best friend is sensitive as hell and is a super huge teddy bear (you would never date to mention it in front of them though), and even know their feelings get hurt very easily. That is what makes you super protective about them and even worries you that they get hurt so easily even when they do not show it. Your best friend may project something else from the outside in order to guard their heart, but they tend to lose their hearts super easily.

Your best friend loves being in love.

They are their best selves when they are in love and they lose their heart so easily because they always wear their hearts on their sleeves. It makes you even mad when someone breaks their heart. Your best friend is always in a relationship and every relationship is a serious one for them. You always roll your eyes when you best friend gets into the relationship saying their new partner is the one, and you know that at some point that partner is going to break your best friend’s heart, so you are always ready for the post to break up binge and recovery hangover after drunk nights. You need to, of course, pray for your liver quite often.

Your best friend is very impulsive and has a wild streak.

They are crazy, period. It could be anything, and it strikes randomly. They have always had a wild streak and from the time you have known your best friend, you already instinctively know when they are going to strike. You fear for their safety and yours because you know you will never allow them to do anything crazy alone, what else are best friends for? You will be there to either post their bail or be along with them and hope to get both of your bails posted. Either way, when it comes to the both of you, trouble always comes in doubles.