If you are dating a Capricorn man, you know for a fact that they are very ambitious, not to forget to mention that they are highly dependable. Being responsible is like his second nature and he will get the job done that has been given to him no matter what. But the remains that he is shy at times, and in fact, you were the one that made the first move.

He hates extra attention that is given to him and he definitely does not like it when he is the centre of attention or under the spotlight.  

His main personality traits. 

He is protective of you when he feels the need that you may need his protection, and he does his best to secure the future of yours as well as his. He pushes you to do your best and supports you even when you are at your lowest. Getting close to a Capricorn man, and winning his heart is a herculean feat, because he protects his heart with walls taller than a skyscraper. He is one of the most loving individuals you will ever come across, and is one of the most loyal people you would meet in your life.

He hates the merest idea of failure and while he hates it, he also prepares for the worst, just in case. The Capricorn man always has a backup plan, never makes a plan without deciding and making his own back up plan first. For him, more than the main plan, the back up plan is important because no matter how fool proof and how good the plan is, you never know what may go wrong and that is when the backup plan will have to save the day.

Your Capricorn man is also the last one to openly communicate about how he feels, why he feels that and what could have potentially hurt him or made him mad. He is extremely reluctant to open up about his feelings in a relationship, something that you definitely will agree on.  

He is extremely thoughtful when it comes to the relationship the both of you share, and it surprises you how he manages to remember the smallest of smallest things and manages to make it special. He is a romantic who always manages to make your heart skip a beat and you always wonder how did you get this lucky.  

Ups and downs, highs and lows, every relationship has it all. 

He may seem like the best person to be with, and he is definitely the ideal partner, but it takes a hell lot of time for a Capricorn man to feel as though he is in a relationship. For him, he has to come in terms that he is no longer single and the whole concept and idea of his single days are over. This will definitely get annoying and grate your nerves, but you have to understand and learn how to give him time, and his own space to understand and process all of this.  

Also, the fact remains that he is a leader, he is dominant by nature and can be extremely stubborn. In fact, during the start of the relationship, you will be the one who will be doing all the chasing and everything in between. The wooing, the chasing, the flirting and finally how you snag him, that will be all on you because he makes the choice of he wants to be with you or not.  

A Capricorn man is not the one to be enjoying parties everyday, and he is definitely not the ideal outgoing person in the room. It takes him time to warm up to people and is generally that person who sits in a quiet corner and just enjoys his company and the ambiance of the room.

While communication is the key to every successful relationship, forcing a Capricorn man to communicate how he feels when he definitely does not feel the need or want to communicate with you, it is a recipe for disaster. When he wants to, he will. Until then, pushing him will just make him withdraw himself from you and that is something you do not want.