What's the astrological significance of wearing Blue Sapphire?

What's the astrological significance of wearing Blue Sapphire?

What’s Blue Sapphire?

Navratnas as we know nine principle gem stones. The strongest and fastest acting gemstone of them all is called Blue Sapphire. This gemstone is governed by Lord Saturn.

Lord Saturn is the lord of perseverance, patience and he’s also a strict disciplinarian. 

It can either flourish the wearer or destroy them. Due to this enough care should be taken to check whether the right form of blue sapphire is being worn by the wearer in the right way and also during the right time, in order for the wearers to be able to reap the benefits.

If a person is planning on wearing this gemstone, they should consult a learned astrologer and also flow their advice to the tea in order to gather the benefits.

The benefits of well-suited Blue Sapphire

This gemstone blesses the wearer with abundance of wealth, prosperity and good luck.

This gemstone can boost people’s energy level and up their metabolism even during the period of stagnancy and gloominess.

It gives mental clarity, clears all kinds of confusion and doubts. Due to which the blue sapphire wearers are able to take the right decision even amidst a very confusing situation.

This gemstone helps the wearers in improving concentration and focus. Due to which students and professors can benefit from blue sapphire immensely.

This gemstone is said to remove negativity and all unknown fears, which saves people from depression. As a result people have good increase in confidence from within and mental health.

This gemstone also has health benefits such as aiding digestion and also prevents stomach related issues in individuals.

This gemstone also blesses people with name, money, etc. That’s why this is helpful for politicians etc.

It has full impact on wealth and also causes a boost in finances.

This gemstone provides its wearer with healing capabilities. It also soothes the senses and also provides the wearers with peace and calmness. That’s why as mentioned before it can be used in order to avoid depression related symptoms.

This gemstone opens up Ajna chakra, which helps in building imaginative and creative abilities. Due to which the wearer might be able to excel in art, literature, journalism, and other areas that demand creativity.

Surgeons, doctors, engineers, etc. Wearer of any field will be able to perfect their skills and knowledge.

This gemstone also helps in handling nerve related tensions, etc. as Saturn rules the nervous system.

This gemstone also provides protection against theft, terror, etc. It acts like a shield from danger from the wearer.

Blue Sapphire in Astrology

The blue sapphire is also known as Sauri Ratna, Shanipriya and Yukut in Persian.

This gemstone has a cool appearance and is also cool in nature. It removes all the adverse effects of Saturn. This gemstone holds the key to an abundance of wealth, prosperity and happiness. But as I mentioned before the wearer’s astrological chart needs to be checked for the effect of blue sapphire on the wearer.

The occurrence of Blue Sapphire is found in many parts of the world including Russia, America, Sri Lanka, India, etc.

In Kashmir, we find good quality Blue Sapphire in India.

Blue Sapphire is considered to be and an excellent gemstone for people born in Aquarius/Capricorn sun sign.

It is the birthstone for people born in September.

This gemstone is a lucky gem for people born under number 8. The Indians whose birthdays fall on 8th, 17th and 26th of any month are governed by Lord Saturn.

Usually, in astrology, gemstones are recommended to wearers based on the placement of planet in that person’s horoscope.

This gemstone fits well with Capricorn and Aquarius. They both are ruled by Lord Saturn.

Saturn is a slow moving planet and it’s said to emit blue colour and to bring obstacles and limitation in a person’s life.

If a person’s Saturn is weak in their astrological chart it may cause many problems for them.

But if a person is blessed with a strong Saturn, positivity, success and good luck keeps on coming.

Saturn when placed in an astrological chart next to sun, moon, mars and rahu, may give negative result, due to which while deciding whether to wear Blue Sapphire or not should be taken after consulting with a learned astrologer.