Would Do you believe that a single-digit number could tell a lot about you? Well it is true, with the help of numerology we can understand the world around you better with the help of numerical patterns that can occur in our everyday lives.


This single-digit number is known as the life path number, which can help us understand not only our outer world but also our inner world. We can derive our life path number just by solving a simple equation. It signifies a person’s deepest secrets and personality traits.


Finding out your life path number is very simple and anyone can do it. Let’s understand this with an example, so if you were born 30th April 1999, so first we need to identify the numerical value of your birth date, so April is the fourth month so the number is 4, your birthday is 30 and the year is 1999. Now life path number is a single digit so we have to reduce it to one digit.


To do this we can add up the numbers, so for the month we add 3 and 0 which gives us 3, for the year we do 1+9+9+9 which gives us 28, so we need to reduce this is to a single-digit 2+8 which gives 10, we again add them, 1+0 which gives us 1.


Now that we have numerical values of your birth date we add them up, 4+3+1 which gives us 8. Hence 8 is your life path number. This is a pretty simple calculation and you can do it for yourself. So go on to find out your life path numbers!


If you are wondering what does your life path number says about you? You can think about it like your zodiac sign. It tells you about your traits and what your future looks like. The life path numbers start from 1 and end at 9. A life path number not only tells you about your personality but also tells you about the kind of people you will be most compatible with. Let’s see what each number represents



·       1: The Leader: The common traits of people with life path number 1 are individuality, independence and autonomy. However, they do face the challenge of having their own voice and need to develop more self-confidence. The best partners for them are 3,5 and 6

·       2: The Diplomat: People with life path number 2 are great at partnerships, maintaining balance and are great lovers. Although they need to get more sensitive emotionally and connect with people around them. They are most compatible with 6, 8 and 9.

·       3: The Socializer: They are the creative ones, full of fun and very self-expressive. But they should remain both optimistic and realistic in a time of trouble. They are best suited with 1, 5 and 7.

·       4: The Worker: People with life path number 4 are very structured, disciplined and have great health. They workout and eat green to stay fir. However, they need to balance their ambitions and their need to have a secure future. You should look for partners with life path numbers 1,7 and 8

·       5: The Free Spirit: Well as the name suggests, these people are highly adventurous, they very adaptable to change and like movement in their lives. Conversely, it becomes difficult for them to have a structured life. Best suited partners for life path number 5 are 1, 3 and 7.

·       6: The Nurturer: The people with life path number 6, are very responsible, they care a lot about their family and plan for everything long term. Their biggest challenge is a good host; they have this compulsive need to make sure everyone is comfortable at their home. They are most compatible with 1, 2, 8 and 9.

·       7: The Intuitive: These are the people who are really in touch with their intuitive side, they enjoy meditating. They have a great imagination. Then again they should think rationally too and not just rely on their intuitions. They are best suited with 3 and 5.

·       8: The Power Player: Life path number 8 is obsessed with success; they are very authorities and get pleasure from materialistic things. On the other hand, they need to understand when to step back and let others do things as per their ways. They can get very controlling which doesn’t go well for them. They should look for partners with life path numbers 2,4 and 6


·       9: The Humanitarian: These people are very compassionate; they care for everyone around them. They are very understanding and accepting. Nonetheless, they learn something from every new experience they have made them wiser. They are best suited with life path numbers 2 and