In astrology, Saturn is associated with discipline and karma. It is responsible for bringing order and subverting chaos. The Saturn god acts as a strict disciplinarian, much like an authority figure in your life. The imposition of restrictions by Saturn may seem tiresome, but they help in character-building. To completely orbit around the zodiac, Saturn takes twenty-eight to thirty years. During its course, it affects the various zodiac signs in unique ways.

A careful analysis of an individual’s Saturn chart provides information about their temperament and their attitude towards leadership and justice. It has the ability to point to the career path that would be appropriate for an individual. The chart also reveals an individual’s innate ability to work hard and persevere during tough times. Due to its usefulness, astrologers use the chart to predict reoccurring issues that prevail throughout the lives of people, and also to carve a path for individuals to take them towards the ideal version of themselves. The key to lead a successful life lies in identifying and refining the good qualities that Saturn bestows on you, as well as in weeding out the bad qualities by rising above them.

Saturn In Aries

The effect of Saturn when it lies in Aries is double-edged. Some people under its influence become impulsive and hot-headed, while in the case of others, the influence makes them proactive and energetic. Some of them may even become cruel and domineering, which could adversely affect their work and home life. Tensions can run especially high in cases where the individual wants to impose his or her opinions on others. To overcome the negative effects, it is imperative that they work on their defensiveness, which is often the reason behind them losing their temper.

Saturn In Taurus

The main challenge faced by those whose Saturn lies in the second house of the zodiac is greed. They have recurrent dreams about wealth and opulence, and it is their lust for money which may prove to be their downfall. Saturn is, however, kind to those who harness this energy in a positive manner by working hard towards their dreams. For those who manage to look beyond the oasis of luxury, Saturn provides a flourishing career.

Saturn In Gemini

Due to the twin nature of Gemini, the occurrence of Saturn in the third house makes people indecisive and directionless. Though intelligent and resourceful, they are often held back by their aimlessness and fail to achieve great success in life. However, they are gifted communicators, and once they improve on their inability to stand their ground and negotiate with others, they emerge as good writers and speakers.

Saturn In Cancer

When Saturn lies in Cancer, it cloaks the emotional and familial traits of the individual with its austere shadow. The effect may not always be negative, but in the case of some individuals, the presence of Saturn makes them more territorial and guarded in their relationships. This has the potential of sowing the seeds for strife and discord. Another well-known effect of Saturn in Cancer is extreme shyness, which translates into the inability to talk to people of the opposite sex.

Saturn In Leo

When the planet is in Leo, people may develop issues related to arrogance and overconfidence. Saturn influences the already prideful Leo to become even more vain and conceited. To combat this negative influence, a supportive and communicative support system is needed, which would convert these negative traits into desirable ones like self-assurance and confidence.

Saturn In Virgo

When Saturn is in the fifth house, perfectionism may become ideal for people. In its pursuit, they may overwork themselves and alienate their loved ones. This drive for perfection is left unchecked, may even lead to undesirable outcomes in professional life. However, if people learn to harness it correctly, they can excel at their work and also find balance in their personal lives.

Saturn In Libra

For those whose Saturn is in Libra, personal relationships are greatly affected. They find it difficult to maintain a balance and find harmony within their relationships and fall in great danger of losing their loved ones. They may encounter trouble while attempting to set up boundaries in platonic and romantic relationships. They may face hostility due to their love for rules and justice, which is often not shared by others.

Saturn in Scorpio

The effect of the presence of Saturn in Scorpio is the most profound. If the person allows passion to rule him, he may be in grave danger of losing everything. The individual can be set to face huge losses, only to rise up dramatically. The personality is also influenced to become more cunning and ruthless, creating a person who is cold and unforgiving to those who have wronged him.

Saturn In Sagittarius

Saturn in the ninth house can influence people to make big changes in their lives. They may become possessed by the nomadic spirit of the zodiac and uproot their lives to start afresh. While this may prove to be beneficial to some, it is certainly not a desirable outcome. A quest for excitement and adventure in life may influence them to sever ties with friends and family, which would alienate them further from a settled life.

Saturn In Capricorn

The influence of Saturn on the tenth house can make people melancholy and heavy-hearted. A spell of sadness, while not completely preventable, can be mitigated with preparedness and a social support network. An individual’s relationship with their father or some other authority figure may become tense, with frequent fights erupting due to a clash of egos. It is imperative to navigate these clashes with a calm mind.

Saturn In Aquarius

The effects of Saturn when it is in the eleventh house are varied. While an individual may become motivated to connect with his or her roots and get inspired to back a social initiative, it is also equally probable that he or she cut ties with their community or tribe. They may take up leadership positions and become the center of attention, but they are likely to become obnoxious and hard to be around due to that.

Saturn In Pisces

Saturn in the last house may harm the self-esteem of individuals, especially those who are already plagued by self-doubt. Others might treat them as pushovers and force them to do their bidding. However, it is possible for them to grow a backbone and become confident and enterprising individuals.

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