What You Resist Will Persist- Guide Your Power of Resistance Using the Life Path Number?

What You Resist Will Persist- Guide Your Power of Resistance Using the Life Path Number?

In the art of numerology, the life path number is said to be very important to see the course of life. This number is very easy to calculate in the numerology chart. All the traits and skills that you have in life and the obstacles you will face in the path are all seen by life path number.

Calculating the life path number is not a hard task to do. All you need is your date of birth, a pen, and a calculator. Write your date of birth in the DD-MM-YYYY format and add the digits till you get a single digit. This digit will be your life path number. 

This life path number will tell a lot about what stops you from getting what you want. So let’s see what each life path number has to say for your self-imposed restrictions.


Life path #1: Fear of failure

You have intrusive thoughts about losing the run even before you start it. You will meet with opportunities where you will find it tough to pick yourself and strive forward but you have the energy to do so and you will prove your haters wrong. As a coping mechanism, you either avoid taking the responsibility entirely or bottle up what you wish to do in your life. In times like these, you act stone-cold towards other people and be apathetic with no regard to how others feel. You think your fear of failure is your driving force but at the same time, you do not consider all the harm it is doing to your mental health. 


Life path #2: Heart and Soul

You try to act like water; converting yourself as your niche tells you to. You are the people pleaser that always keeps other people before themselves. Often you forget that this is doing you more harm than good. You do good acts for people expecting they will do so for you. The problem is the world is not this idealistic and you harm yourself. 


Life path #3: Blocked Expression

Unstoppable force meets an unmovable object. That is you with your emotions and this ends up hurting either you or your emotions. You do not let your issues come out easily and this hurts you more than you let people know. Don’t forget-Negligence is acceptance. 


Life path #4: Self Imposed limitations

You need guts to be your true self. You know what you want and how you want it. You have made certain dogmas and idiosyncrasies that do not allow you to move forward in life. You need to be flexible both with mind and spirit. You need to take a step back from all your insecurities and step up your game. Allow yourself to live. 


Life path #5: Feeling confined

You have the wings to fly, you have the soaring skies in front of your eyes and yet you feel like the bird stuck in the cage. Act on getting the diva attitude that you deserve. Let go of all the issues that act as a cog in the machine. 


Life path #6: Illusion of control

You try to micromanage every aspect of your life and often end up losing more than what you gain. You do not let other people give you any advice and act like a martyr when things do not go as you want them to. You are better at giving excuses than the plans.


Life path #7: Overconfidence

There is a fine line between the virtues of confidence and the vices overconfidence can bring. You have an innate sense of overconfidence in your very soul. You jump into the waters and then test the temperature. Though it looks like it may work at all times in reality it doesn’t and you end up blaming all the factors. 


Life path #8: Lost focus

You give few seconds to one project then jump to another, then the third one comes and at the end of the day, you have tens of unfinished projects. You feel like you have accounted for nothing despite working all day. Focus on your priorities. 


Life path #9: Over giving and Oversharing

You are the open book everyone has the right to read. Though this sounds good, often people take advantage of this fact. They gain all they can from you and your hard work and in return you get nothing.

Now that you know what the resisting force you have invited in your life is not letting you succeed all you need is to change it into the promoting force and act towards your goals.