What Venus Transit in Libra 2020 brings for each Horoscope

What Venus Transit in Libra 2020 brings for each Horoscope

People born between the 22nd of September and the 22nd of October come under the zodiac sign of Libra. Libra belongs to the element of air and is ruled by the planet Venus. It is depicted by the symbol of scales. Librans are generally happy creatures who love to enjoy the existence of life and count their blessings every day. They are well-balanced, smart, and love their freedom. Venus is the planet of love, marital bliss, and everything nice. It has a very strong influence on horoscopes in which they are rightly positioned. In the circumstance of Venus transiting from one phase to another phase, a tonne of different occurrences takes place which has the power to cause certain changes in all signs.  On the 16th of November, 2020, Venus will finally transit in Libra 2020. This is going to be an extremely auspicious time with positive implications especially for people with a strong influence of Venus in their horoscopes. Before this, Venus was occupying a place in Virgo. This led to it losing its power and transiting to an exalted state with little or no influence over the other zodiacs. However, this is soon to change as Venus will be occupying a zodiac where its influence is given the right amount of power. Read below to find out how this will affect each zodiac.


Effect of Venus Transit in Libra 2020 on each Zodiac:



An Aries may find himself in the middle of family conflicts. Certain relations may lead to separation and change is bound to take place. Financial prosperity can be given a chance if taken the right steps. Expect traveling and movement. Health must be taken proper care of as it does not seem to be a favorable time.



Venus is the lord of Taurus and this transit will bless a Taurus with the power of protection and understanding. They will invest in working hard on their skills which will generate favorable results. Taurus natives who have been trying to conceive might be blessed with the prospect of progeny. One must tend to their health too. 



Gemini will face changes in terms of relationships- some bad, some good. They can turn towards their friends for support. Your hard work will finally generate fruitful results in terms of career. It is a favorable time to start new career ventures. Overall, a Gemini is going to be surrounded by positivity during this transit.



Financial prosperity and happiness have a chance of crossing your path. Embrace new opportunities that come knocking at your door. Don’t procrastinate regarding the things you’ve always wanted to get done. This is a good time to get working on pending tasks.



Leo’s will be burdened by the pressure of work. A lot of hard work must be put in to generate fruitful results. It is a favorable time to travel to certain destinations including religious abodes. Your creativity levels will spike and thus Leo must use this to their advantage.



 Virgos may rely on family for support, Connect with new individuals; this might bring you joy. Financial Yogas will bless you with the prospect of wealth. A bit of happiness will cross your path which will be rejuvenating from the constant disappointment. People involved in business may also be blessed with handsome profits.



Since Venus will be transiting in Libra, Librans will find a lot of good coming their way. Libra must take the opportunities that come their way to progress in the area of work. Business and tireless efforts can lead to success. Patience is required when it comes to the question of relationships. 



Carelessness must be avoided at all costs. Your temper and thoughts must be invested in a more favorable direction. Those involved in academics are advised to stay focused on education. To achieve your goals, you must put in a little extra effort than before.



Decisions should not be made in haste. A little patience is required from a Sagittarius. A close family member or relative may come in handy. Honesty must be applied to work to generate favorable results. Changes in nature must be monitored to not affect others.



Handling familial and work situations are favorable at this time. Time can be put to a lot of benefits. It can lead to good relations with authoritarian figures. Diplomacy must be adopted over time. Keep working hard to achieve your goals and make good use of your strong intellect.



Lady luck smiles at you while support comes from the direction of your family. You may find yourself amid conflicts, however, you will also be blessed with the power of taking the right decisions over time. Investing in stocks is favorable and financial prosperity might visit you soon. 



Pisces must take extra precautions for their safety. Trust may fall apart and marital life may experience sudden twists and turns. Pisces must protect themselves and learn how to make correct decisions. Students must focus on working hard to achieve success.