What Type Of Student You Are According To Your Zodiac Sign

What Type Of Student You Are According To Your Zodiac Sign

Want to maximize your success in academic cosmos? Your sun sign can give you certain clues of what type of student you really are. Just remember that it's not always perfect but can give you some sort of an idea.



Extremely hardworking smarty pants individual' goes best for Virgo. These humans have a keen eye on the prize with their heads down. These people strive hard for perfect A's and usually focus on long term goals. These individuals don't really crib in difficult situations.  These have a deep sense of love for books and find pleasure in reading all sorts of books.


Libra is a social butterfly, so you will mostly find them doing group studies. These people are often called 'chatterbox' and there is literally no doubt in that. So studying and learning with others is a stupid idea for these people. Chatting and gossiping is your favourite part of the day. Discussing things with other people makes you learn in a better way.


These humans do not accept things at their face value. They research and research until they discover the answer. These have mild obsessions with the thing called research. They don't really look up on homework as a big task as these people like filling themselves with as much information as possible. How and why, are their words to start a conversation.


Whilst reading, these people like to search for the meaning of everything. You are always open to learning new languages. The best way to learn according to you is by exploring out. Field trips excite you and you always love having an insight into other cultures.


When the teacher asks a question, you will probably be the first person to raise your hand and that's your pride. Unlike Libra, you avoid chit-chatting and gossiping and you are very much serious when it comes to your work and is always seeking opportunities for being one step higher from others in the school. When put in a group project, you strive hard to take charge of it. You love excellence and hate less motivated students. You go above and beyond to succeed but a little rest is good for the mind, body and soul.


Homework seems useless to you and often get easily frustrated. You are always up for learning new concepts and has a really creative mind.  Being innovative, these people are really good at mathematics. You think and plan a lot before executing your work which often causes a lot of delays. Not being able to accept defeat, these often become jealous.


These people want their work, projects and assignments to be perfect. They go in-depth and detail of their project. Wanting everything to be top quality and hard work to be noticed, this kind of behaviour of them leads to thinking too much which leads to a migraine. Putting too much pressure on themselves is their habit.


You are a bold leader. You always set up fun and the most productive study parties. Volunteering for anything productive in school is your most admirable thing.


You learn better when you practically do something. The theory seems a bit boring thing to do and that is the reason you love classes like cooking and ceramics. You find time to apply the things you've learnt in the classroom in real-life scenarios and in that way you are committed to your work.


They excel at the art of learning fast also called quick learners. People think you are lucky to have scored higher than others because they hardly see you study but that's not the case. You are an expert at explaining to others any new concept. You have a great urge to learn more and more. Even your buddies are envious of you as you just do smart work instead of hard work.


A wise chick and tenacious person. Once you set your goals, nothing can stop you from achieving it. You value your ethics more than anything. Leaving work midway is not your style. You won't give up until you finish your projects or assignments.


They take things slowly and steadily. Often they are best at giving guidance to other students on how to cope with stress. If things do not work out, you don't stress out and put a lot of pressure on yourself. You are a pro at handling tasks in a very calm way. So you are at best a relaxed learner.