What Type Of Home Decor Suits Your Zodiac Sign?

What Type Of Home Decor Suits Your Zodiac Sign?

The most difficult question when it comes to home improvement is the choice of what will fit according to your personality. Don’t just blindly follow trends but let’s see what type of décor will suit your zodiac sign. Consult the stars, it’s very exciting.  Your stars can actually guide you in a better way in terms of home improvement guys.

The trend of consulting your interior designers is a bit of old fashioned now. Why ask them when you yourself can figure out this with the help of the universe. Looking at the sky, you will get an answer to your improvement plans.


You are a person full of fire and adventure. Your wall should match your high amount of energy. You may try the accent wall. Think of something out of the box. Go for some kind of upholstery. Bold textures will suit your personality.


For you, home decor is very crucial. You want, your house to be your heaven where you find utmost comfort. Try to make your home very cosy and comfy. Try wool to decorate your room. You will appreciate natural fibres like mohair. Try giving contrast with the wooden floor, I know you will love it. You seem very grounded person so try to put a lot of bean bags. Make soft corners around.


You are a wanderlust and lively person. Keep your space as much interesting as much possible. As you love socialising a lot try meshing different designs so that people feel really cool at your house. Kilim rugs and Moroccan tiles are a great option. Fun patterns will be very appealing guys.


You should not go for solid colours, stick to the neutral ones. Don’t go for every new trend and make your space inviting. As you are emotional and loving humans, an open concept suits you the best. Go for some oversized pillows, you homebodies! You won’t fit into a very overly trendy place. You may also go for some kind of farmhouse design style. A gallery wall is a must-have for you people.


Metallics and bold colours are perfect for your personality. Since you are a party animal, plan ample seating for your guests. You should definitely not forget to set up a bar cart at your house. Keep your home full of artistic pieces.


These practically minded people should have minimalistic furniture. Pick easy to clean floors and tiles for your lazy ass. Pick neutral colours for your curtains.


Pick things which will keep up with your peacekeeper behaviour. Don’t go for too traditional or too modern. Take a blend of both. Juxtapose styles are also great to have for a libra house. Symmetry is important as you probably love keeping up with your balance in every aspect of your life. It’s all about balance for you.


As you are bold personalities, try painting one wall completely black. Beware of too unique colours like chartreuse. Because you are so passionate and magnetic people, don’t be afraid to take risks with your decor. Painting shapes on the wall are also great.


You are more like philosophers and intellectual personalities, so a library must find a place at your house for sure. If you want your place to look inviting, try to intricate nooks around your place. Don’t mess up your house with too much of stuff, try to keep it, clean guys.


Your incline towards music system says that you ought to invest in a top-class sound system. A piano is a great option in case you want to fill the space with some instrument. Don’t go for every new fad and chose long-lasting pieces. You kind of understand craftsmanship and status, so chose quality over quantity.


Your lust is white. So you want everything from bed sheet to a table, all white. Clear as the sky. Also, things which have a kind of movement attracts you more than anything. Go for translucent glass bowls and candles. Don’t go too white also as this will make the house look dull. Mix it with few opaque accessories as well. Frosted glasses can definitely add sparkles to your white home.


As you are a fish, placing marine-related accessories strategically should be quite obvious. Put original artwork so that it can cater to your dreamer inside you. Try murals with movement but don’t overwhelm the whole vibe. You tend to go with the flow.