What to expect from a Tarot Card Reading Session

What to expect from a Tarot Card Reading Session



Fortune telling has been quite prevalent since old times. When people feel uneasy or unsure about what is in store for them in the future, they resort to going to a fortune teller for help. This is a way for them to get a hint on what is in store for them, both good and bad.


If you have friends interested in fortune readings or have seen people who are fortune tellers by profession, there are chances you have seen a deck of cards with them. But they did not look like the usual deck of cards that we use to play poker, did they?

What you saw was definitely a deck of Tarot cards.



What is Tarot Cards?

Tarot is a set of 78 cards. Each of the cards in the deck represents a story and symbolizes something. The imagery on each card helps a Tarot card reader to understand what it is trying to tell them. The technical term used for tarot reading is Taromancy.


There are many who find the concept of the tarot readings to be absurd, but if you are willing to look at it with an open mind, it can come across as a form of divination.



How are Tarot Predictions made?

If you ask a Tarot reader, they will agree to the fact that no absolute predictions can be made about the occurrences in a person’s future. The future is something that is always subject to change.


When tarot cards are interpreted, the person or ‘subject’ becomes aware of the paths they are most likely to follow or a series of possible outcomes of a decision, they might make. It is only supposed to equip the subject with extra information so that they are capable of making an informed choice for themselves.


While giving a reading, the tarot reader starts off by taking a series of cards from the deck and placing them in an arrangement known as a spread. The cards in a spread are each interpreted on the basis of their position in the chosen deck and their face value.


The two major spreads that are most commonly used are the Celtic cross and The Three Fates.


The Celtic cross is a ten-card spread. It depicts elements such as our influences in the past and the future, hopes for ourselves as well as conflicts in inspiration.


The three fates is a spread with three cards. The three cards represent our past, present, and future respectively. There are many other three-card spreads, and three fates are just one of them.


The other spreads of this category might cover three completely different aspects such as a person’s current situation, their obstacle and how to overcome it.



What is Major and Minor Arcana?

There are two types of cards in the usual tarot deck and they are known as the Major Arcana and Minor Arcana.


The Minor Arcana is the set of cards that are very much like the standard playing cards we use. It consists of four suits, namely Wans, Cups, Swords, and Pentacles. Each of these suits contains ten cards that are numbered from 1 to 10. Face cards are also present in each of the suits which are known as the Page, Knight, Queen, and King.


The Major Arcana are solo cards that hold very distinct meanings. Some of the cards present in the Major Arcana deck are the Devil, Strength, The Hanged Man, the Fool and Death.



What to expect from a Tarot Reading?

Firstly, the most important thing to know is that the portrayal of Tarot readers in movies is not how it actually is. Do not expect a mysterious atmosphere or sketchy behavior from their side. They will surely be friendly to you and treat you with respect.


People who are in this line of work only have intentions to help you out, and that is what they do. Like a person doing any other job, they are sincere with theirs.


Since the reader has their own dark past and secrets, do not feel too conscious about telling them a problematic situation that you are going through. They will never judge you.


If you are one of the people visiting a reader for the first time, they will most likely give you a quick overview of how it will work.


Do not worry about your secrets going public. Every tarot reader guarantees complete confidentiality and sticks to it.


If something bad or negative turns up in your reading, they will definitely tell you what can be done to overcome such situations or avoid them.


Sometimes, even if the reader shuffles the cards properly, there are situations where some cards repeat themselves in progressive readings for a person. This can happen even if these readings are done at different times.


However, do not mistake this as the same cards occurring in the exact same order every time. This is just a pattern that emerges due to the subject’s focus on a particular issue without being diverted. You will definitely walk out feeling better.