What to do after a breakup-How to recuperate and get better

What to do after a breakup-How to recuperate and get better

Wishing that things were different or hoping that you could change the past is one of the worst feelings. Sometimes after a breakup, the person feels like they could’ve done better or treated their partner better. But thinking about what you could have done will not change the fact that you have already broken up. When it comes to the past, the best thing to do is try and let go so you can move on. If you keep holding onto the past you may not be able to create a better future for yourself.


Here are some tips to help you recuperate

Try and understand the fact that the relationships you thought you had aren’t always real

As time goes on you will learn that not all things go as planned. It’s very normal for things to take a wrong turn, but what you shouldn’t do is try and blame yourself for everything. You should learn to accept some facts about other people, and do not paint an image of their personality without truly knowing whether you are right or wrong.

Don’t try to invest in the outcome of a relationship; it will often lead to disappointments if done.

Whenever you expect something, you already have a feeling of how things will go, and might end up fearing the outcomes you thought of. There is actually nothing you can really do to get people to give you the outcomes you desire. When your needs or expectations aren’t met, try and act rationally because that wasn’t something that was actually going to happen to you. Don’t make up scenarios in your head because this might lead to overthinking and stress. Sometimes when expectations aren’t met, try letting go instead of clinging on to make your expectations come true.

Do not chain or restrict yourself. Try to live freely because only you have the right to do so.

Sometimes we think of certain things and say stuff like “I am never going to be able to do that.” Well you won’t be able to because you haven’t even tried yet. Try to believe in yourself and open up your mind to trying new things, even if it scares you. Although you might get scared after doing that thing you might end up even liking it, if not, there was no harm done trying. There will be many people in your life who will try and bring you down by saying you can’t do it; at the end of the day it all depends on whether you truly can do it or not.


Things to remember if you date after a breakup

Try to have a positive instead of a negative mindset

Everyone knows that you may be depressed and have negative thoughts after a breakup. But if you truly want to start anew, try and refresh your mind with positive thoughts. Don’t expect things from the person you are going to date, instead enjoy the relationship and go with the flow.

Think of the things you do and don’t want in your next partner

If you have enough time after a breakup, try and recall the things that did and didn’t work out for you. By doing so you will be able to learn from the mistake and search for a person who won’t repeat them.


Take some time to rest and heal

It is very essential to check in on yourself after a breakup, instead of directly entering a new relationship. Try and see the signs that show you are not ready for a new relationship. If you aren’t over your ex don’t start a new relationship, because you might end up hurting the person you are with now by thinking about your ex.


Try taking things slow instead of rushing

If you constantly jump from one relationship to another, try and take things slow after you’ve had a breakup with someone. Don’t pressurize yourself to continuously go on dates or rush through everything, because that will just spoil the new relationship you have.


Don’t compare them to your ex

This is one of the worst things to do after a breakup. When you compare your current partner to your ex you actually belittle them. It also shows that you aren’t satisfied with the relationship you are in, and makes the other person want to leave you. They might feel like a stepping stool for you, and may think that you are only using them to get over your ex.