What the Total Solar Eclipse of 2020 has in Store for Your Sign!

What the Total Solar Eclipse of 2020 has in Store for Your Sign!

The roller coaster ride of 2020 is finally bidding a final goodbye with the last month of the year in full swing, in its grand way. A total solar eclipse is to greet us on the 14th of December, 2020, to help us bid 2020 away, wishing it well in the past. The exact time for the total solar eclipse to take place will be at 9:43 P.M on December 14th.

Starting originally at 7.03 PM, the eclipse will go on till 12.23 AM on the 15th of December. With each eclipse, a new phase for the zodiacs begins. It is a phase of change. Want to know what's in store for your sign? Keep reading below! 


Total Solar Eclipse 2020 And its Effect on the Zodiacs: 


Aries- For Aries, the stars predict that you will need to work harder for achieving your goals. There will be few obstacles on the way which will cause difficulties and delays. Every personal or business-related decision must be taken with caution. Intense relations between the father may commence as well. 



For Taurus, it is advised to avoid junk food or any food that can cause abdominal infections. Family issues may bring disappointments for you. The world of finance also doesn't look too good for you. However, whatever situation awaits you, will be handled with intelligence and elegance by you. This will help in keeping the atmosphere harmonious, at home. 



Gemini will put in a lot of effort into being fit but may still face a few health-related issues. However, this will divert your attention from relationship problems. Marital problems are to ensue and the relationship with the spouse will suffer a few rocks in the path. If your business consists of a partnership, there may be coordination problems. However, mutual understanding between both is the key to unlocking the solution. 



The Total solar eclipse of 2020, brings good news to Cancer professionals. The thing which held you back in the past is going to be left behind and you are going to shine in the workplace. However, you must still take a lot of care when you attempt to make important decisions. Have patience and don't be afraid of the reality, Cancer. Embrace it. 



For Leo, the influence of the solar eclipse may bring forth a few differences in relationships. If not handled in a tender and emotional way, the differences may go on to become a major problem in your life. Finance matters are going to be steady. Not high, not low. However, any financial decision must not be taken in haste. 



Matters related to domesticity will demand your full attention, Virgo. Work-life will require extremely hard work to leave your mark and maintain your status. Health may be an obstacle in your efficient work-life and it may lead to you feeling fatigued. Take care and look after hours. 



Libras will have a smooth  

relationship with their seniors at the workplace and their siblings as well. A very important financial decision must be taken care of well, or be left for the future. However, you shouldn't start any new venture or mission at this point. 



For Scorpio, a healthy environment at home is likely to get disturbed with the onset of the eclipse. Financial matters pose to be a cause of concern as exceeding the budget will become an issue. Thus, you must control your spendings and savings. In terms of health, the eyes may pose to be a problem. 



For Sagittarius, the eclipse will bring ill-health. Discomfort in the lungs or minor breathing problems may cause you problems. There may also be a shortage of finances during this time. However, you are advised not to borrow money from others. 



A Capricorn might face a sudden loss of finance or a huge expense problem during this period. This might cause mental disturbances and health issues. The key to all your problems is a well-balanced mind and looking well after your health. 



An Aquarius is going to face a pretty stable time in terms of finance. An unknown source may also help you gain an unexpected pay rise. Your love life also looks to be in good form as a good romantic quality time awaits you and your partner. 



 For Pisces, situations at the work front may seem to be uncomfortable. Your daily routine and environment of work may feel unsatisfactory. You will be required to put in extra effort to rise above and get accepted by your seniors and superiors.