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Pisces is the twelfth and the concluding sun-sign of the Zodiac list. The celestial longitudinal span is 330 degrees to 360 degrees and the time of the year the Sun transits the constellation boundary of Pisces is from February 19th to March 20. The figurative translation of the constellation dealing with the sun-sign is fish which symbolizes Ichthyocentaurs who belonged to the sea and aided Aphrodite the time she was born from the sea. Scholars also depict that the fish representing Pisces is Koi fish. The planet associated with the sun-sign is Jupiter and Neptune and the Zodiac element is Water.


Pisces General Personality

Pisces are also very socially accepted because of their “happy go lucky” nature that brings out a positive vibe which makes people joyous when they associate themselves with this sun-sign born. Pisces can also be a little impractical and less logical sometimes and conduct their decision on the emotional ground. Pisces can also be very determined and when they are able to sense a positive foreboding from a certain situation this sun-sign has the personality to prioritize that opportunity and achieve it.


Pisces Career Horoscope 2020

As always the enthusiastic soul that Pisces is they will begin the year with excitement and with the intense energy to achieve new wonders in their career along with gaining a positive relationship with goodwill if they are planning to join a new workspace and create a benevolent impression. The horoscope says that this Zodiac will have it easy till February where they will have the success to gain new milestones in their career. From the beginning of March due to some uncertain and unexpected events, Pisces’s excitement might alter into a low power mode but that doesn’t imply a loss in the Zodiac’s career, this is just a must required break that Pisces is advised to take because the later years is predicted to be busy and stressful.


The position of Venus will mark its existence in the eleventh house of the horoscope during April, this implies beneficial for people having a business career. In the later year specially in the Autumn months like the beginning of September to October Pisces will be bombarded by opportunities which means equal stress in the career and the Pisces humble personality will never allow them to decline any offer so they might have to work more than their diurnal course.


Some expert advice given to horoscope this year is that it will be the year of extremely hard work when it comes to Pisces for this year but they didn’t need to worry because their hard work will be paid off and this zodiac will surely achieve the success they contemplate in their career. It is suggested that a Pisces should keep their eyes fixed on their goals as there will be instances of distraction. Pisces should be strong in their career as they might have to voice their opinion to reach their endpoint which might result in them slightly disappointing some of their co-workers which is considered to be a drastic activity for the zodiac but they should keep their focus on.


Career Best Suited For Pisces

Pisces are known for utilizing their critical and creative mind on a maximum compared to their logical mentality so needless to say careers in the field that requires light-hearted thinking out of the box qualities are best fitted for the zodiac.


Mixologist Or Bartending

Pisces has always been enthusiastic about learning new and different activities that are considered less mainstream by society. They not only earn handsome tips through their tricks but also have fun by mixing flavors turning them into crowd-pleasing mocktails and cocktails. They will also get to work in a perfect setting with light music and a dim-lit place that oozes good vibes.


Music Teacher

Nothing shouts creativity more than work in the art industry. A career as a music teacher is a perfect fit for the zodiac as they will always be surrounded by fellow enthusiasts. They will also be able to share their passionate love for music and this field will also compel them to learn more and never leave the arena. If they excel in this field then it can also lead them to become professionals like singers or music composers.



Pisces have always had a strong intuition within them. They always see and feel the things ignored by mundane minds. If they cultivate in this field sure success is a certainty. Their creative vision and imagination can create a very good impression among the crowd and they will also get to the inner side of the individual which Pisces is fond of.



The career of a psychic and a therapist has to deal with the concealed side of an individual. An individual in the zodiac who solely cater in the field of work science will excel and also love work as a therapist.

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