What tarot card is trying to tell us?

What tarot card is trying to tell us?

I would like to be mystified some misconceptions between tarot and astrology as tarot card reading cannot help you in the prediction of the future and it is not related to astrology and is a different concept under different phenomena which has little or no relationship with astrology. the main idea of tarot card as for self-discovery and using this in a very proper way can help you achieve a lot more than you can ever imagine.

Unlike astrology, you can read tarot cards without being a specialist all that you need is a good deck of cards and you are ready to go.  

Practicing this skill can do wonders  

Just like any other skill that you have developed tarot reading is also one amongst the many skills that are going to help you a lot in your life.

The learning curve can frustrate you for a while but the results that you are going to get after you reach the peak of your learning curve are going to compensate for all the effort which you have put in initially because you will struggle a lot initially when you're starting with this new process but with time as you practice and you get comfortable with that you will be able to get the most out of the deck that you have.

A good way to check that you are moving in the right direction is when this practice becomes a quotidian task in your routine.  

Relationship between your sleep and a tarot card  

The thing that you are about to read, initially might not make any sense to you but after you get this in your routine and start practicing this you are going to observe a tremendous change in your own skills that you have developed.

You have to keep a carrot card under your pillow every time you sleep because if you do that it will help the tarot card transfer its energy and it will make your process very easy after you get up because you already might be knowing half the data that is required through your dream.

The only downside is that many people are not aware or they tend to forget their dreams and it is perfectly fine just making sure that you try practicing this and you make it a habit to remember your dreams and try creating a Journal that keeps track of all your dreams so you are going to take notes of your dreams because that is going to help you a lot in the process of self-discovery.   

How can tarot cards and your subconscious mind help you know yourself better?   

The ultimate goal and the ultimate motive of human life are self-discovery and tarot cards can make the process of self-discovery much easier for you. as you already know that you have to keep the card under your pillow every time you sleep so that you will get some data in your mind by other card and you can evaluate the data after waking up something more important about the whole process is understanding the mechanism and working of your own subconscious mind.

What about 90% of your that you do are driven by your subconscious mind and your conscious mind contributes very little when it comes to your daily tasks. and you know how important it is to know about your subconscious mind so that you can achieve anything you want in your life and be successful.  

Try Practicing this skill with strangers 

It may not be something that you would love doing initially value are learning about this process but the only way to grade yourself and to test your skills and abilities that you have developed is by practicing this skill on a stranger.

The reason why you have to find a stranger is that you have very little information about him and the fact that he is a stranger is enough for anybody to conclude that you do not have any prior data about the person and it is a very important skill that you have to develop so that you can test yourself in a very fair manner because the results might be biased when you try it on your friend, after all, you know a lot of things about your friend.  

At the same time, you practice this skill on a stranger it can rarely be a bad idea to practice this skill on yourself. this can help you get rid of anxiety or you will save yourself from a panic attack the next time you get anxious.