If the pandemic was not enough evidence that you should not get married this year, then kudos to your determination. There are always some signs and your gut feeling that says that you should not get married so early or not so soon or sometimes even that this person is no longer the right one for you but you ignore all of that anyway because the marriage has already been set and fixed and you cannot definitely back out now. There are also times, when you are ready for marriage and your partner is not, and both of you are on different wavelengths and completely oblivious to each other on that note.

These Zodiac signs should definitely not be getting hitched this year and this is why:


You are the kind of person who is completely straight forward and hate playing games or beating around the bush. Your partner may have an ulterior reason or must be hiding something from you and this could be one of the main reasons why your partner is getting impatient you. So, when your partner is busy pressuring you to get married, and is being too demanding and almost overbearing that you need to marry them, figure out what exactly and why exactly is your partner demanding such a hasty marriage and decide if you should really marry this person or not.


You are carefree and emphatic, very emotional, and console anyone who needs to be consoled. You love being amidst nature, and if your partner objects to the fact that you are so emotional and tries to change you, ask yourself if you really want to get married to this person or no. Furthermore, your family also disapproves of your partner, and you are miserable over it. You are torn, and you have no idea what to do. Understand that your family has your best interests at their heart and if they disapprove of you marrying your partner, then something about your partner must not be sitting right with them. Give that a thought, trust your instincts, and delay your marriage until you figure out what exactly is wrong.


You are the kind of person who loves your partner immensely without any doubt and is always there for your partner. You are ready for the next step and cannot wait to go forward with your life with your partner by your side. But you may want to halt your plans and wait for it as your partner may not be on the same page as you. They may not be ready to take the big step, and in their defense, marriage is not a small thing and is a pretty huge deal. So, you may want to hold on to that thought before asking them anything.


You are intense by nature and you may feel panicked that all your friends have already been married or are in process to be married. That does not mean that you have to jump on the marriage wagon as well. Marriage is not something you do just because the rest of the crowd is doing the same thing. Marriage involves a lot of people, and if you marry in haste without thinking through properly, you may destroy many people’s lives. So, think your time and marry only when you feel like, not because everyone else around you is getting married.

Aquarius –

Just because your family is forcing you to get married because it is your age to get married or because everyone else of your age is getting married, does not mean that you have to say yes and agree to it. Marriage is sacred and you cannot just agree to it because others may feel as if it is your time to get married and you have to get married in order to please them. It is your choice, and you are the one who is going to be married, not them. It is you who would be spending your life with someone who you married in a hurry because it was your age to marry or your time. You do not want that, so take your own time to marry someone you like.