What role does 12th house play in your Janam Kundali?

Getting to know your Janam Kundali is like a stairway to heaven.

The Hindu culture emphasizes the birth chart of all human beings born on this earth. Their lives depend upon their Janam Kundali refers to a detailed dossier organized according to the birth chart. It has to carry certain confidential ingredients including name, gender, date of birth, the time you were born, and the place you were born. 

The Kundali chart has been used dating back to ancient times. It has successfully helped foresee the future of many. This intensely detailed chart helps in figuring out decisions in imperative situations. The fast-paced world can become a challenge for us. But with the use of Janam Kundli, one’s progress can be looked into. 

To lead a happy and healthy life, one needs a guiding light of their own. If humans had certain powers to change their lives, no ill-faith would take over them, that’s exactly what Janam Kundali brings into light; a specific or defined change. 

12 Houses of zodiac signs

Janam Kundali has 12 houses, and each one is unique to its own. They differ from one another in terms of their features, predictions, characteristics, and the impact of overall cycles. The 1st house is the beginning of birth. In Vedic astrology, the 12th house has so much importance. It means the completion of a human being’s life cycle, it simply denotes ‘ending’. 

The 12th households valuable information on seclusion, solitude, and emancipation. This house also refers to the “house of detachment”.

These are the signs and planets attributed with the 12th House 

The 12th house is linked to Pisces which is the 12th sign of the zodiac. This sign is underlined by instinct, solitude, and foresight. The intrinsic significator of the 12th house is planet Saturn. The 12th house is known for its sheer perfection and inferred as the most promising house for the planets like Jupiter, Sun, Mars, Venus, and Saturn. For the moon and mercury, the 12th house is considered very fragile. 

These sections of life reigned by the 12th House 

The 12th house in the horoscopes is indicative of detaching yourself. This house comes with unanticipated challenges for all human beings walking the face of the earth. It includes some of life’s most essential things like cravings for materialism, seeking the basis of expenses, etc. In case, the 12th house gets inundated with afflictions, the person will most likely face jail imprisonment, hospitalization, insomnia, alienation, obsessions, etc.

This affliction of the 12th house can cause dire consequences like mental instability. And develop weird addictions like alcoholic intoxication, and turn into a sexual maniac. According to astrology, 12th house struts around law enforcement, penalty, health institutions, charitable companies, NGOs, crime, espionage, etc. 

Significance of 12th House

This household deep importance for those whose spiritual road is active like hippies, spiritual gurus, monks, sages, and people who are willing to take steps towards enlightenment. The 12th house has been said to be the most influential one. In spots like ashrams, meditation centers, monasteries, and areas of worship. This house is defined by your ability to give up everything and intervene with the highest force — divine. This house compels one to depart from the materialistic world and rejoin the spiritual journey with full spirit. The 12th one sparks generosity in people. 

Acting without anticipating fills the area of this house along with brightening compassion. This house encourages you to find your true self hidden behind the walls of the present. People become one with God. 

Picture the 12th House predicting for future 

The 12th house in Vedic astrology denotes letting things go. However, it doesn’t talk about the negative expression. There are untold truths attached to the 12th house that will make you tremble off your feet. Since it is considered as the last house, it makes us experience the cruelest things of life, one focusing upon death, that nobody can run from. We realize the time wasted on mother earth doesn’t hold much importance. 

We all have to taste death someday. We don’t know when and how. This house teaches us the realities of how short a life Is, irrespective of all the skin that covers our bodies on the surface of a plain white skeleton clinging delicately onto those brittle bones. And at the finishing line, this shredded skin now close to ashes intervenes with raw sands and miraculously melts into the grounds of the earth.

We are such small beings taking the chances of life and death in the universe. Our own little universe which later shrinks to ‘nothing’ under the thumb-sized coffins. We are now forgotten and etched into the minds of others as a perfect stream of memories. Maybe, our death can make some cry, while the rest forget. 

Moksha – Final Liberation 

The 12th house is punched with a lot of undeniable grief that cannot be ignored. This house in Janam Kundali also indicates Moksha. It signifies final liberation from the cycle of beginning and end. This house opens an abundance of peace and tranquillity. The doors to the end are accessible. This house declares the final road towards spirituality and teaches us great things like life’s basic ethics. It unlocks our moral web that alone can put a full stop to life’s agony.

We need to grow spiritually sound at this stage of life. The 12th house also emphasizes on the rebirth after one does. This house forces you to leave all the material virtues that you admired one upon a time. The 12th house enjoys the revelry of honesty, wisdom, and immortality. In order to take pleasure in the spiritual world, we must be able to lose our old selves. This house remains the most powerful house suggesting removing the qualms of our souls. Start taking the 12th house on a serious note.

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