What Profession Should You choose as per Your Zodiac Sign in 2021?

We have all wondered about this question at least once in our lifetimes. What is the best profession for my zodiac sign? Or, whether I am truly following the dreams and hope that my zodiac self has? Well, we are here to help you with that very aspect! Sometimes, you might get confused over your personality or career options, and for those moments we have this list of the best career options for you zodiac sign:  


Fashion Designing: Gemini, Pisces, Cancer 

Fashion Designing requires creativity, which can be found aplenty in all three of these signs. Pisces is soft at heart, Cancer understands the emotions of others better than anything, and Gemini has an analytical mindset which will help them gain leaps and bounds in this field. Designing is all about passion, which Cancer possesses, and about the art, which Pisces loves. The execution of the designs and imagining them on stage along with a critical analysis of what is the best design or what the audience loves more is in Gemini’s department.

But through the study of fashion designing, the three of them are set in their careers and can make millions, if they choose to overcome the minor inconveniences that face them every single day. A Gemini is the master of procrastination and a terrible decision maker with the ability to sometimes get overly analytical, a Cancer is the extreme of two things which is most often than not their emotions and they definitely do not know when to put a stop, and a Pisces might be a little too soft at heart to handle the failure and criticism that comes with this field. However, only these three signs can rock a drawing board with their drawing tools hard enough to make the process passionate and so cool.   


Engineering: Virgo, Aquarius, Sagittarius 

The common thing about all three of these signs is their intelligence quota, which makes them perfect for a challenging job like being an engineer. Aquarius and Sagittarius are both fun-minded and love adventure, which being an engineer can definitely provide given that the right opportunity arrives. Virgo on the other hand is practical and likes to solve puzzles, has a calm mind and is extremely diligent.

This sign fits in the job description that is required for an engineer.

Engineering might sound boring, but leave it to Aquarius to make the process fun and exciting. With their independent attitude and a social outlook in life, they make friends easily, and learn the hacks required to function well in a competitive field. Sagittarius on the other hand, just requires their own charm to make things work in their favour. Their talks about the fancy plans and ideas for the latest and the best models will get anyone wooing at their feet! And Virgo being who they are, will find themselves in familiar territory here and their hard work will speak wonderful things about them! 


Travel Guide: Aries, Leo, Libra 

Given that all three of these signs hate desk jobs and cannot for the love of god function well in a 9-5, they need opportunities out of the ordinary to make the kind of money they need to survive on. Traveling is a dream come true for Aries and Leo, and Libra would love the adventure that comes alongside being a travel guide. Every single day they want to visit the places that make them who they are, and Libras would love to show the world everything that their roots have special.

Leos love attention to themselves, at all times which is why they would love it especially when a number of people would want to listen to what they are saying! Aries on the other hand, is an untamable spirit and loves to be wild, independent and free. This is what makes them perfect for being a travel guide, as they are sure to take people on adventures and give them their once in a lifetime opportunities!  


Law: Taurus, Capricorn, Scorpio  

Law as a field is exciting but provides the stability that all three of these signs require. A Taurus is not big on adventure and wants to be comfortable with the place they are at as of now, and a Capricorn being the most logical, persistent and responsible person would understand how to make sure that a case is going in their favour.

Scorpios love the idea of debate, which is mostly the reason they would like to choose this career option, along with the need for ever self-improvement and research is what will keep them driving!  


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