Numerology is an age-long astrological practice which tells the relationship between certain numbers and events that might happen in one’s life. This can be calculated by studying the numerical value of the different letters in a person’s name and dates. The study of numerology is normally associated with the certain paranormal activity as well. Numerology is considered pseudoscience to a great extent as there is no concrete evidence regarding this practice. Anyone who believes that numbers can be helpful in predicting something about the future using various pseudoscientific predictions. These people do not always practice the old forms of numerology. There are a lot of astrologers who deal with the study of numerology and claim to predict the future of a person with its help. Many people too believe in this art and take most of their decisions based on it.

However, no study proves the link between numbers and future and hence some of the reason mentioned below are what makes one believe that numerology is pseudoscience,


Lack of Evidence Related to Numerology:

Many people have argued about the fact that numbers just do not have any significance when it comes to influencing anyone’s life. Therefore, numerology is considered to be extremely superstitious and a pseudoscience. Certain studies show that number 7 does not relate to the fact that people will have psychic powers in them. Innumerable tests produced negative outputs which favour the fact that numerology truly is pseudoscience.


Use of Numerology in Gambling:

Certain numerological methods are used by some players in various games. Games like bingo, roulette and lotteries involve numbers only and hardly any skills. Thus, such games are perfect for the use of numerology. There is no pre-defined strategy which can be learned and implemented in order to win these games. Hence, one way that players use is by keeping faith in lucky numbers. They feel that such numbers can help them win the game by holding certain links. However, no solid proof is available that with the help of such practices, one can win these games. Everything is based on a person’s faith in the practice of numerology.


Use of Numerology in Science:

If the scientific observations are not justifiable then, due to the visibility of a set of patterns which would be due to some kind of primary inspiration, then the scientific theories would be labelled as numerology. The usage of the term numerology in the field of science is not surprising at all, as it is one of the ways to dismiss any kind of questions against science.  One such example is the use of the term numerology while coinciding the resemblance of certain large numbers. It was not sufficiently justified as to how the ratio of the universe’s age and the atomic unit of time were related. Also, the ratios of the age of the universe to the electric force for the proton and electron, or the number of electrons in the universe, or the difference in strengths of the gravity of any astronomical entities.  The most important part of science related to the details of the elements in nature, the periodic table was itself known to be a colloquial usage of the term numerology.  Though it was started merely as atomic triads, later on using some logical orders and some form of numerology it led to the development of the periodic table.


Use of Numerology in Pop-Culture:

Not just in crucial fields like science but also in the field of popular culture or fancily known as “pop-culture”, there exists the usage of numerology.  Numerology is famous in the field of the coming-of-age plots and also very popular in genres like fiction. It might not be used very diligently as it is just used for some comic effect.  There are many movies and sitcoms that adapt the usage of numerology so as to add the casual element of traditionally modern and creating a separate fan-base for such genres. The very famous series “Harry Potter” itself has the occurrence of numerology in the third book. The term used in that book is arithmancy, which is the practice of allotting numerical value to words in order to foresee the future.

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