Kundali Milan or the process of match-making is the ancient way through which the marriage is decided by matching the prospects between the two potential partners. From the ancient scriptures of Vedas, it is revealed that Kundli is not only the light for a blissful marriage but also a treasure map for knowing almost everything about this lifetime.

Kundali Milan has an importance in the Vedic and Indian Astrology due to its roots. A few reasons for the significance of this prime ritual are here as follows:


The major reason for the rituals of Kundali Milan is to decipher the total compatibility between the bride and the bridegroom. In the spheres of Astrology, through the Ashtakoota method, there are 36 gunas present in the chart to execute the matching and to reveal the points that they have acquired. That would signify the happiness and the emotions with each other for the future. The Gunas consists of points and with the factors of each point, determines the journey of the couple, after marriage. It is also an indication that in which ways, the Nakshatras, celestial bodies, planets of both the partners would affect each other. Through the Kundli Milan, we also conclude harmony and joy through their respective positioning of the Universe.


With the union of two individuals in a pure bond of marriage, the positioning or the movement of the planets, stars, and another cosmic realm not only affects their own individual life but also gets connected with the life of the spouse as well. That is one of the reasons why there are success and prosperity after marriages between individuals whereas, for some, it creates a lot of difficulties to overcome. It is due to the effect that the planets that cause movement in the life of the other. Bhakoot is the 7th koota that is directly connected to its effects. Through the process of Kundali Milan, the financial conditions, and the changes in the future, for the career is also looked upon.


After marriage, most of the couple or their family wishes the best life for them. Through Kundali Milan, one of the most important concerns that surfaces up is the health, happiness, and joy for the children. Nadi koota consists of the most of the points amongst the other kootas which helps in indicating or informing the situation of the birth of the child of the couple after marriage and the obstacles that might arise around it if there are any to be concerned of. A family is noted as a complete one with the birth of a child. Therefore, it is a serious concern to have a secured marriage to be served with happiness after the marriage of the couple.


An understanding and concern between the couple along with the respect for each other, even if it is about their words, determine the base factor of the marriage. Kundali Milan helps in predicting the individual’s mindset, their behavior with others, their interests over things or people, the temper that they carry and the primary point is their attitude towards others. It is what determines the basic foundation for a marriage to be successful. This determines the profound desire to understand and stand for each other no matter how degrading the situations of life are going along. Through the match-making, it also indicates the health and the well-being of them as that is linked to their physical attraction for one another. It is to be sure of the level of desire that will occur between the bride and the groom after marriage. Through these compatibilities, we can be understand the mental understanding between them which is the powerhouse for a happy life.


When an individual is born, the alignment along with the positioning of the stars with the time of their birth determines the future and their whole lifetime. This is a scientifically proven reason behind determining the future. At a times, the position or the placement of the stars and planets can be at a position that forms the Dashas in the birth chart of the individual, i.e. Mangal Dasha, etc. Such Dashas are the reasons for the unhappy married life as it causes a lot of problems after the wedding. With the help of Kundli Milan, such drawbacks are also easily detected. Certain rituals, prayers, or poojas need to be conducted to eliminate, fade, or lessen the effects of such Dashas from hovering the life of the couple. If the Dashas are found in extreme, it can cause a negative impact on the partner as well which sometimes result in death, during those situations, the marriage is not agreed or advisable for the couple to carry forward.


If you have read till this point, you are really aligned with the truth of Kundli Milan. It is an important factor to check the success and failure of one’s married life. But along with Kundli, there are various other factors that are directly related to the perspective of marriage. In such situations, it is righteous to contact an astrologer who is full of knowledge from the roots of Astrology. They can provide solutions which are needed to be applied to diminish the negative impact and the ill-effects that the Dashas and the Yogas that are formed in the birth chart of an individual. Through the factors of Astrology, there are solutions for knotting into holy matrimony even if the kundlis do not get matched.


After the matching of the Kundalis, there are times when the astrologer may advise to conduct few specific poojas or rituals for the happiness of the couple after their marriage. There are times when certain Dashas can be rectified through conducting of certain rituals and poojas along with the chanting of the specific mantras. Even after the Kundali Milan, there are certain poojas meant for the couple that would definitely lead them towards a life saturated with bliss, compassion and happiness.

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