A Gemini woman is someone who is extremely fun to be with and loves, loves knowing new people. Moreover, if there is new tea to be spilt, or even the latest gossip that is floating around, or even if you have not heard about it, she knows it all.

Her communication skills is on point and is as curious as a cat. She hates being alone and dislikes close places, gets along with almost anyone. If you know someone who is extremely affectionate, curious, gets along with a ton of people, and with anyone from any clique, there are chances this person is a Gemini.

Gemini are people who are ruled by the planet Mercury and have birthdays between the twenty first of the month of May and the twentieth of the month June. They belong to the air element and are known as the social butterflies of the zodiac. 

So, what makes a Gemini Woman? What are her dominant personality traits? 

A Gemini woman is extremely intelligent. 

Many people assume the Gemini woman to be not as intelligent as she actually is mainly because they assume her to be all talk and no brans. But the most important thing that allows her to get along with so many people is her intelligence.

She is very intelligent on various topics and well read on various topics. She has a plethora of knowledge on so many different things that it allows her to converse with almost anyone from any background. If she does not know about a topic, she is naturally very inquisitive and will want to know about the topic the speaker has to talk about. 

A Gemini woman is very social. 

A Gemini woman is someone who can get along with anyone and can converse with anyone. Not only that, she makes an excellent host for parties mainly because everyone feels comfortable and in their comfort zones when they are with her, and under her watchful eye, no one ever feels uncomfortable, and they tend to even enjoy the party if they are the kind of people who would prefer being at home and not go out partying.

She knows exactly how to get a person to open up and is also the kind of person you would go to in order to feel better and just let yourself free and happy. 

A Gemini woman is adaptable. 

A Gemini woman is extremely adaptable, you can put her under any sort of duress or even in an embarrassing situation and she has the ability to turn that situation in her favour. She is exactly like a cat, throw her under any pressurizing situation and she will always land on her feet.

A Gemini woman can also adapt to situation and the nature of the work. You will never have a complaint when it comes to that and you will even find it admirable that she can do that so effortlessly.  

A Gemini woman is very affectionate. 

If you have a Gemini woman as your friend, you know this is true. If you mean a something to her, you know that she will always be touching you, or just expressing her emotion and love on how she feels by touch. She is one of the sweetest people you will meet and without doubt is also the person who will be hugging you even if you are happy or sad- regardless of the situation. She loves being affectionate and will always show her love and care through affection because that is how she is wired and you cannot change that.

For her, to love someone, or even to show love, is by being affectionate. According to her, actions mean more than words, and that is how she shows that she loves and cares for you. 

A Gemini woman is indecisive by nature. 

A Gemini woman is very indecisive and cannot seem to stick to one decision. She is always confused between two options and ends up choosing the third option all together. She needs time to think it out and understand what exactly she is going to go for and she still manages to juggle with indecisiveness.