Do you have that one friend who is always curious to know what happened and is ready to talk to anyone, be it even a stranger? Or do you know that one guy who is always flirting and always seems to know what to say at the right time? Or this one guy who is always there to listen to your relationship problems and he always, always gives the best relationship advice and sorts all your relationship woes?

Yes, that man or the person you know is definitely a Gemini. Geminis are the people who are born between the twenty first of the month May and the twenty first of he month of July, and they belong to the air element.  

So, what are the signature traits of a Gemini man? 

A Gemini man loves talking. 

When I say that a Gemini man loves talking, I do not mean the mindless prattle that many people seem to be doing. What I mean to say is that he enjoys conversations with people, and new people at that because it gives him a chance to meet different people and be exposed to the various other outlooks to life which he normally would not have seen.

He is well informed on many topics, and his interpersonal skills are always on point and spot on. People enjoy conversing with a Gemini man and they always look forward to having a conversation with him. 

They are very intelligent people. 

In order to have so many conversations with so many different people, you need to know what you are speaking about and just be well informed about so many topics. As soon as you start talking to them, you realize that they are very intelligent people and you know for a fact that they even know what they are talking about.

When you talk to certain people, you know that they are just bluffing their way through the conversation but a Gemini man is not like that. 

They are people who are honest and are even known to be very adaptable. 

Throw a Gemini man into any awkward situation, and they will come out of it with grace. They know how to turn any situation in their favor and even come out of the most dangerous situations unscathed. That is one of their talents that people should be envious about.

They are also people who are honest and they try their best not to lie as much as they can.

A Gemini man is known to turn tables in his favor, be no matter what. For him, no matter however bleak the situation tends to get, he can turn that situation into a happy and funny moment. That is a skill that not many have. 

They also tend to be really indecisive, and find it difficult to stick to one decision. They are always changing their options and choices and a lot of times; it also tends to get on your nerves.

They make one of the best partners in the zodiac because mainly they are great listeners and secondly, they know exactly what to say at the right time and are in tune with how and what you feel. They are people who will always have your back and will make you see the positive of every situation that makes you want to give up.

Whatever venture or decision you decide to partake, they will support you with all their heart and energy, and even push you forward.

They hate seeing you low, and will do their best to make you feel better and have a better day, A Gemini man is someone you would trust wholeheartedly, he has the ability to make you feel safe and loved, as well as protected and you know for a fact that he will always have your best interests at heart.