What kind of music does Gemini like

What kind of music does Gemini like

Gemini borns are pure lovers of music and any form of art. The Gemini borns are driven towards music because of their planet influence.  Mercury is the planet of multiple personalities that connect through one form of art or music. The Mercury allows the Gemini borns to move into a trance medium over music as they have the ability to lose themselves to escape the world. The music helps the Gemini borns to get the calmness they lack in their chaotic life. The Gemini are people of literature and expressions.

The Lyrical and the smoothest music get the Gemini borns’ attention.  Soft music which uses single instruments with soulful lyrics that can make them feel emotional and overwhelmed. The Gemini borns listen to music just to pacify their problems and their daily disputes. The music the Gemini borns prefer is soft and soulful music.

The Gemini borns often tend to connect to the lyrics than the music itself. The Gemini borns like to dance to the jazz and enjoy a simple romantic walk with the softest music with the best companion. The Gemini borns are not Metallica fans but they enjoy a certain amount of noise.

With the presence of Mercury, the Gemini borns are often curious and intrigued by art. They enjoy any form of music but that has to reach their hearts. The Mercury makes them carve to seek new things which makes them a listener of all kinds of music. It comes as no surprise that Gemini borns have different playlists to satisfy different moods. They will have a playlist when they are stressed from work and when they want to trip and when they want to be loved. The music collection of Gemini borns can be used to impress anyone.

The Gemini zodiac cannot tolerate music which does not connect nor mean anything. They need music to be rich and contagious to ears. The music should be able to connect the mind and heart together and should sync them with calmness. When it comes to loud music and beats, they enjoy noise but to a certain level only. The Gemini borns cannot enjoy rock or DJ nights for long as they start to get headaches. The Air element in them makes them the dreamer of many things. One such dream for every Gemini born is to do something in music. The Gemini borns can easily become famous musicians or singers. They will learn at least one instrument in their lifetime. The Famous Marilyn Monroe is a natural singer who loved playing the piano. She emphasized the need for music to get direction in life.

In the newer generation, Kanye West is a famous Gemini born who reached out to music to get out of his troubles. He claims that music has saved his life in every way possible and it is the music what made him hat he is today.  Gemini borns’ famous gateway from this world is through music. Music is the answer to all their worry.