What Kind Of Career Suits A Leo?

What Kind Of Career Suits A Leo?

One of the most difficult decisions that we face in life is the decision related to our career. In today’s competitive world, it is very difficult to decide on a career. What if I told you horoscopes can help you with this too, yes it’s true. On the basis of your zodiac sign, astrologers can suggest the best career options for you which will suit your personality.

A Leo is a performer and they need to showcase this at their workplace too so that they can be happy in what they do. If they are able to find a job of their choice, they are going to put in all they have and get completely involved in doing the job with full determination and sincerity.

So they need a career option which suits all of their needs. They have the ability to work long hours and manage the most hectic schedules also. A career with passion is best suited for them. A Leo is full of fire and that shows in their work too.

If they have faith in what they are doing, no one can stop them. they like to lead a luxurious life so that does make them yearn for a high paying job, but it’s not just the paycheck that keeps them interested in a career, it needs to have a thrill.

It is believed that a Leo will change their careers a number of times, they will start off a job with aim of learning, they love socializing so this would be a great opportunity for them to meet new people and explore new things.

Their next career will be the one that suits their talents. Leos are born leaders so they are apt for leadership roles and do very well in higher positions. They know exactly how to motivate a team of people to achieve the final objective.

But they aren’t exactly a team player, they can do the planning and strategize, they can get the work done but they can’t work as a team. This is because they are a perfectionist, they take care of even the minutest details, and not everyone is able to match their standards.

They focus on the bigger picture and are great at motivating their fellow colleagues. The creativity and enthusiasm of a Leo impress their team. You trust your team with detail-oriented work, but you need to learn to let go of things that are not needed.

Leos want a career where they can show their talents and become the champion. They are very happy people, so there is a certain warm and positive feeling that they bring with them. This creates a very nice work environment for others to work in.

They know that they belong at the top and work towards reaching theirs. Even if they haven’t reached that position, people still follow their orders because of the amazing leadership that they show. This can either fasten the process of reaching that top position or they can end up with a bunch of enemies.

Many Leos are actually quite comfortable in staying a low paying career as long as they are getting the appreciation and limelight that they want. They are perfectly fine working in a job where they get constant praise.

Considering the various qualities of a Leo, a career in politics or a top position in the government will suit them. They also have the desired qualities of a businessman. Apart from this, their excellent communication skills make them ideal to head a company; they can definitely be a part of the board of a company.

These careers suit their inner leader, as they get to be in powerful positions. Now coming to their creative side, careers in organizing new projects or in any art form like music, theatre or painters will be appropriate.

The ability of Leo to stay disciplined will make them great singers, dancers, and comedians. They have a very charismatic personality and love having conversations, so they can have a career in public speaking. Leos tend to prefer medicine, engineering, architecture, the law as career options too.


Now let’s see what does the year 2020 holds for Leos in terms of their career.

As per the career horoscope for the year 2020, this is the year for Leos. This year will be great for their career, many opportunities will present themselves and they will be full of enthusiasm and zeal. This year looks really good for all fresher’s who will be starting their career.

Since the beginning of the year, the position of Sun and Mercury will bring in a lot of luck and positivity. This will help Leos rise through ranks at their job. They will enjoy the respect and appreciation of their seniors.

Certain movements will create situations of a challenge with their opponents, but there is nothing to worry as Leos will be able to win them over. As the first quarter ends, they will have overcome any obstacles that have been causing difficulty for them in their career.

For all the Leos, who have been thinking of a new career, or a career change, 2020 is the best time to do so. Any new investments, businesses will turn out to be very fruitful so they should definitely go forward with them.

Mid – may see a retrograde of May, Jupiter, and Saturn, this will bring in positive results for Leo in their career. It is advised that they stay patient and they will get the fruits of their hard work. As the year ends, things will remain stable and positive.