What it means to be a Pisces- An Insightful Analysis

What it means to be a Pisces- An Insightful Analysis

The people born between 19th February and 20th March falls under the Pisces Zodiac sign. They are the most emotional and sensitive among all the zodiac signs in the list. They are extremely fragile and one can easily break their heart in a relationship. For them, love is ultimate spirituality and they will give their 110% when they fall in love with somebody.

They are the delicate personalities who love to build dreamy castles in the air.  They form a comfortable world inside their mind and often live more there than reality. The more you know about a Pisces person, the easy it will become for you to share the relationship and bond with them. They are not among those who will demand fancy materialistic things rather security and assurance are what they look for in most of the people around them.

Apart from their strong emotions, Pisces are also known for their compassionate behavior. They have a great eye towards art and are born as naturally creative personalities. They have a strong inclination towards spirituality and thus also have the potential to dissolve the boundaries between human beings. They are extremely generous and their kindness attracts the people around them.

Charismatic personality

You will always find a Piscean surrounded by people. They easily open up with people and never face any difficulty while making new friends. Their affable nature makes them one of the best kinds of friends a person can have!  As they share a love for different cultures, it won’t be surprising to know that they have diversity in their friendship too. They must have friends from different cultures, places, diversity, and different parts of the world.

They are selfless people and will help you always without expecting anything in return. They are governed by the mystic planet Neptune and Water element rules their zodiac sign.

As a water sign, they are expressive and flowy in nature. They express their emotions in a very effective manner. Neptune helps them to reconnect themselves with their inner self on a subconscious level. People who are governed by The Neptune also share a good taste in music and thus you can see many good musicians belong to Pisces sign.

They have a giving personality who relies heavily on their intuitions to connect with people. They are faithful, nurturing, and fall under the category of people who can forgive anyone even for the most ruthless act. They never like to judge people and are extremely tolerant people.

They have a vision for an aesthetic world full of compassion and love. They are bent towards spirituality and often find themselves stuck between their existence here on Earth and the one that’s in contact with the divinity.

There’s no one else who can have excellent observation skills equal to Pisces. They are into abstract concepts and try to find their answers from that. Friends will be always happy around a Pisces because they are never going to behave mean towards them. However, they easily got disappointed in a love relationship because of their fantasies about romance.

They love to live in their own world and hate it when reality hits them. They constantly live in denial and it becomes even more important for them to take frequent breaks to avoid exhaustion. They find themselves comfortable in their dreamy world of love and probably that is why they are the most romantic native in the zodiac list. One can also expect a dreamy, fairy-tale kind of marriage from a Pisces person.

They are loyal and faithful to everyone and always sacrifice their own needs for their loved ones. Because people know how they are forgiving, they can be cheated on easily. It is a known fact how good parents they can be. Their natural inclination towards art and aesthetics makes them their child’s best teacher.

They go with the flow and thus feel very suffocated when someone tries to bind or tie them. They become extremely vulnerable in such situations. Rather than going to a party, they prefer to spend most of their time at home so that they can read their new book on the shelf.

Negative Traits

Pisces are naive and easily become depressed when they are cheated on. People can easily take advantage of their nature. They often create a wall of overthinking around themselves and analyze each and every situation in detail which makes them even more anxious.  

They can be a little insecure and feel lonely and when things don’t go fall in the right manner, they can be the most pessimistic personalities. The harder time people will give to them, the more they start losing trust in them.

As they exist in their dreamy world, it becomes easy for people to dominate them. They seem to be lost when it comes to understanding the real world.