What is your Life Path Number?

What is your Life Path Number?

Numerology is the study of numbers and the relation between them and the occurrence of events. Every number signifies special characteristics and describes a unique personality. It was originated by the great Greek philosopher, Pythagoras. His quench to learn more about numbers made his discovery the whole study of numerology.

How to find the life path number?

The date of birth of a person tells a lot about the person. Numerology with the help of the date of birth is used to find the life path number. The date of birth is reduced one single digit and that number is the destined path number.


 Let’s take the birth date is August 6, 1998.

  • The month is 8
  • The date is 6
  • The year is 1998 is reduced to 1+9+9+8 = 27, then 2+7= 9
  • Then add the reduced month, date, year

8+6+9 = 23 this is reduced to 2+7 = 9

So the life path number is 9.

Let’s take another birth date December, 25, 2019

  • The month is 12, then it is 1+ 2 = 3
  • The date is 25, then it is 2+ 5= 7
  • The year is 2019 , then it is reduced to 2+ 0+ 1+ 9 = 12 which is then broken down to 1 + 2 =3
  • Then add the reduced month, date, year , 3 +7 + 3 = 13 , then it is 1+ 3 = 4

So the life path number is 4.

What does each number signify?

Number 1: This number is about action and commencement. It is the dominating leader that has independent nature and very good leadership qualities. This number even though it’s the director of the path, can be the loneliest number.

Number 2: 2 stands for balance and harmony. It brings people together and makes peace. It shows strong character like compassion, kindness, and empathy. This number can be underappreciated and forgotten. This number must avoid seeking external validation and realize the inner equilibrium.

Number 3:  3 is the perfect triangle that creates the best teamwork. 3 are gifted with innovative skills, and express perfect opinions and spreads joy. It is the motivator and inspiration to many. This number can’t take the stress and tend to avoid tight situations. And they can’t bear losing.

Number 4: 4 represents the earth and it is rooted in the ground. Four are practical and stick to the physical world. And it is ambitious to reach greater heights and takes bold risks to achieve his aims. It does not believe in dreams and waste time.

Number 5: 5 is the free-spirited who is not bound by any chains to be so creative. They are adventure lovers and tend to become freelancers. They are very cheerful and wild.  They can’t follow daily routines instead make their own schedules to party.

Number 6:  6 is the number that supports and encourages everyone. It can balance between the emotional and physical realms and can bring the best solutions to solve an issue without hurting anyone. Healer and doctors usually have number 6. They are caring and take responsibility for many. They are the true mothers. 

Number 7:  7 has the best analytical skills and curious nature. People with 7 as their number tend to have the best investigating skills and they also tend to be very suspicious about everything. They don’t trust easily. They are people who crave to be perfect and are very sensitive to criticism. And it’s easy to get into loggerheads with them.

Number 8:  People with 8 are financiers who have great ambitions to attain good wealth. They are goal-oriented and easily get into leadership positions and apply big picture concepts with money in mind. They are born workaholics and very possessive in nature. They are generous only if they see it is profitable for them.

Number 9:  They are very easily adaptable and face challenges with a smile on the face. They aren’t afraid of the future and do what they think is good for everyone. They are very generous and spread happiness to everyone. They are uplifters of the poor and sad. They are ground to earth and money is just the necessity for them. They are hardworking and ambitious but they can change goals if they feel it can bring happiness to others. They don’t mind getting hurt but they can’t bear to be the reason for others to be hurt because of them. They are purest of souls.