What is Today’s Choghadiya?

What is Today’s Choghadiya?

Today’s Choghadiya is the time chart of good and bad times. With the help of Choghadiya, the auspicious time of the day can be foretold to make new beginnings. The term Choghadiya means four ghadi or 4 times. Each period of time has 96 minutes.

Today’s Choghadiya tells us about the key elements in the Choghadiya time schedule, Amrit, Shubh, Labh and Char for the best times while Udveg, Kaal and Rog for inauspicious time. The four good elements are taken into account along with zodiac signs to make the right time to begin new things.

With the help of Today’s Choghadiya, the three negative elements are always avoided as they can bring bad luck to people.  


Today’s Choghadiya: day and night





6:15 am to 7: 46 am

A refreshing activity like meditation, dance, music


7:47 am to 9:16 am

New beginnings


9:17 am to 10:47 am

Regular work


10:47 am to 12:18 pm

Normal work (not serious work)


12:18 pm to 1:48 pm

Any ceremony


1:48 pm to 3:19 pm

Clear any settlements but do not start any new activity.


3:20 pm to 4:50 pm

Any office related work can be finished not start


4:50 pm to 6:20 pm

Refreshing activities


6:20 pm to 7:49 pm

Settlement activities


7:50 pm to 9:20 pm

Normal work


9:20 pm to 10:48 pm

Any new ventures


10:48 pm to 12 am

Normal work


Is it possible for Today’s Choghadiya to clash with Rahu Kaal?

Today’s Choghadiya does not clash with Rahu Kaal today making the day lucky. Many astrologers check both the Choghadiya chart and the Rahu Kaal chart to bring the best time out. Most of the time, believers just follow either of the charts as the calculations need immense knowledge on Vedic astrology.

It is highly possible for Today’s Choghadiya to clash with Rahu Kaal. At that time, the entire time of Rahu Kaal is avoided even though it is not harmful to the Choghadiya table. Good Muhurt is calculated based on both charts for marriages and ceremonies.


What are the key elements of Today’s Choghadiya mean?

Udveg Choghadiya: this is the first bad element of Today’s Choghadiya. This element is under the direct influence of the Sun, which is considered unlucky. It is believed that any new beginnings at this time will not bring any good results. But things that are related to government or other society-oriented activities will bear fruit at this time.

Char Choghadiya: this is a good element in Today’s Choghadiya. This element is under the influence of planet Venus. As Venus is meant for beauty or recreational of soul, this time should be dedicated to themselves to focus on growing more soulfully. Traveling under this time is highly recommended.

Labh Choghadiya: under Today’s Choghadiya, this is a very beneficial time or lucky time. This element is under the influence of Mercury. This time is meant to start new things, learn new subjects and polish new skills.

Amrit Choghadiya: the moon influenced element is fruitful in Today’s Choghadiya. This time is very beneficial for all kinds of activities like starting new things, working out new talents, planning on new ideas and many more. Moon helps people to grow.


Kala Choghadiya:

this time in Today’s Choghadiya is under the influence of Saturn. Saturn is unlucky according to the Vedic astrology as it brings misfortunes and no luck. it is highly recommended not to do anything at Kala choghadiya. It is better to settle any disputes or settlements at this time.

Shubh Choghadiya: this is the most auspicious time in Today’s Choghadiya. This period of time is under the direct influence of Jupiter. It brings good fortune and luck. Shubh Choghadiya is highly beneficial and important ceremonies like marriages and ceremonies are performed at this time.

Rog Choghadiya: This period of time is under the influence of planet Mars. According to Today’s Choghadiya, this phase is completely avoided to do any auspicious things. But it is the right time to have heated conservations or defeat the enemy. This time was used as the time of war since ancient times.


How important is Today’s Choghadiya to start a day?

It is vital to know Today’s Choghadiya to begin a day. Different planet positions give out different vibrations and aura at different times which will affect people differently due to their zodiac signs. It is important to act according to the right and wrong times of the day.