What Is The Significance of Kundali Milan?

What Is The Significance of Kundali Milan?

Matchmaking for marriages in India, throughout the ages has been through many phrases with different theories that were adopted for the pairing of two lovers. The institution of marriage is a very important aspect of a human's life. Today in a typical Indian family it is likely to see this custom of Janam Kundali matching and its importance before marriage is widely accepted.

The generation of the 21st century are however drifting apart from these customs, but Indian society still has a long way to go before there is no need for such articles. But living in the current situation, this fact cannot be denied that matching Janam Kundali holds a high importance today. Kundali matching also known as kundali Milan is the Vedic counterpart of matching horoscopes of a couple to judge their compatibility with each other. Horoscope matching (Kundali Milan) is also practiced around the world in different forms. The main aim of kundali matching is to determine the influence of stars on marriage life and what and how different measures should be taken to assure an eternally blissed love life. Planets, stars, and other celestial bodies have been an influence in the lives of people according to various traditions across the world and the subject of astrology highly supports this statement. Also, with the rapid digitization of the world, this century has seen the influence of the internet in almost every field, and astrology and Janam kundali are not spared from this. Online Janam kundali and online kundali matching have emerged as a digital way of practicing this custom through the internet. According to Vedic astrology, accurate kundali matching (kundali Milan) is necessary for a happy, successful, and long married life.

While comparing the horoscope of the bride and groom (Kundali Milan) there are some points which are taken care of by the astrologer.

Those points are:

Varna- Development of ego.

Vashya- Attraction between couples.

Tara- Body health and hygiene.

Yoni- Compatibility based on the biological aspect.

Graha Maitri- Based on a spiritual and intellectual level.

Gan- Temperament

Bhakut- Welfare of the family.

Nadi- Appearance, and charm.

These considerations are assigned points and the overall score is calculated. If a certain score is not achieved, then the match is not considered compatible.

Kundali Milan is considered as the very first and very important step in the process of finalizing marriage between the couple.

To ensure the success of the married life of a couple, the Vedic astrology has put forward 7 aspects for the significance of kundali Milan (horoscope matching):

Compatibility of having an offspring:

To assure the possibility of having a healthy offspring is the wish of every couple and the Vedic astrology has put forward the kundali Milan to achieve this. The health and happiness of your children is one major concern, and an important reason to have kundali matched. Nadi- one of the aspects of Vedic astrology kundali matching, has indications of childbirth and the problems related to it if any possible. Parents are very conscious for the birth of their child and the well being of their offspring because a family is complete only after childbirth.

Physical and mental, overall compatibility:

It is somewhat necessary for the couple to share some similar mindsets, behavior, temper and their attitude towards each other shall be free of conflicts. This is one most basic and most important for having a happy love life. The kundali Milan also analyzes the well being of both the partners. Another important aspect is physical attraction.

Avoid the conflict of Dasha:

The positioning of celestial bodies at the time of childbirth can have an impact on his/her personality. This aspect is also scientifically proven. The positioning of stars can be such that they can produce a Dasha in someone's Janam kundali. These Dashas can lead to problems after marriage and kundali Milan can detect these Dashas. After such Dashas are detected an astrologer asks you to perform certain rituals to overcome Dasha, in some unfortunate cases marriage is not advisory.

Mismatched or unmatched Kundalis:

All together now the importance of kundali Milan is very clear for the success of a marriage. But if the match is considered perfect and still the kundali Milan is not ideal? In these cases, the couple must reach a very renowned astrologer. The astrologer may have many solutions that can be applied to minimize the terrible effects in the horoscope of the pair. Astrology can also come up with a solution to spend a happy marriage life together even if kundali Milan is not satisfactory.

Specific rituals for the success of marriage:

Even after kundali Milan is successful the astrologer may have some additional rituals for the couple to live the happiest life together. These additional rituals are only advised by expert astrologers after a detailed study of Janam kundali.

The financial stand of marriage and career:

The unification of a couple affects not only their marriage life but also on the individual lives of two. Bhakut, the aspect of Vedic astrology indicates its effects. Kundali Milan also looks into the financial stability and success of individual careers.

Complete compatibility of two:

The major reason for kundali Milan is to get the knowledge of the compatibility of the bride and groom. As stated above, certain aspects of Vedic astrology are assigned with points and these points tally can conclude the compatibility of a couple. Every point indicates a vital part of a happy couple's life. Kundali Milan also indicates conjugal harmony. Jyotish shastra is similar to this topic also provides knowledge in this subset.

In Conclusion:

It is never compulsion for a couple to check their kundali or to reach an astrologer for having a good marriage. But the Vedic astrology does state kundali Milan a necessity for a good future of the couple.

One of the most renowned astrologers of all time 'Bejan Daaruwala' quoted,

"The importance and significance of kundali Milan are very important in life if you want your marriage to be successful".