What is the purpose of your life?

What is the purpose of your life?

Every soul that is brought into this world, is destined for a purpose that needs to be fulfilled. The purpose has a reason behind its existence and it is meant for something greater than your imagination. The universe has a reason to make you born in this particular world and in this particular situation.

The ancient epics of the world, be it any religion claims that everyone is a contribution to the world, be it good or bad, you have a role to play for this birth. God in any form, made the humans with mind and a deeper soul. Humans are the only creatures on earth to have 6th sense and who are capable to question the ways of the universe.

With such great power comes great responsibility for you to fulfill. Being the only creature to go against the laws of the world, you are given the extreme power to make your life purposeful and fruitful. You are given the strength to rewrite the stars and find your destiny.

According to the myths and beliefs of all religions, your purpose in life is already written in your stars before you are born. It is up to you to find the reason behind your birth and go in search of the true purpose of life. You need to understand that everyone’s purpose will vary from yours as some are born to be the bad people and some are born to be good.

You need to understand that every good person is bad in someone’s story while every bad guy is a good person in someone’s life. For example, a gangster can loot and kill people for their own greed and needs, but the same gangster can be a good father who cares for his child and who protects his child no matter what. This proves that the gangster’s true purpose in life is to be a great father and protector of the family.

Every purpose has a deeper meaning and they can be big and great purposes like Buddha who made the entire religion of Buddhism and spread the peace or the purposes can be small and simple like to serve parents and protect your family. Every purpose of life is added to the betterment of society.

Many people do not realize their true calling and keep living a life without any direction and reason. These people will lose interest in living and eventually give up in their monotonous life. some people will not even realize they are serving their purpose and keep searching for the purpose. You will be able to find your purpose when you decide your true calling.

The purpose of your life will be your decision and your heart’s desire. There is no coincidence that you are born as a human in this birth. Humans have the ability to think and manipulate the ways of life and create new paths. Humans are capable to make this world a better place to live in. you are here for a reason and the god will make sure you serve it. But it is up to you to realize the true purpose of your living.

How do you find your purpose in life?

Many astrologers and future predictors can predict that there is will be the birth of a great person but they also predict that that great person can only be great when others play their role in life.  you are born to contribute your share of reason to the greater purpose of life. You are either meant to destroy something bad or create a new form of peace and love. You get to decide on which path you go but you need to follow your heart to make the right decisions.

The best way to find a purpose of life is through fighting the demons in you and making bold moves and braver mistakes that will shape you and teach you new lessons. You need the knowledge to know what is right and wrong in life so that you will be able to make the right choices that will help you grow.

You need to educate yourself and seek guidance from greater people. They will be able to tell you about the experience and life lessons they have learned. The purpose of life purely focuses on you and win what way you want to go through. Some people are born to be bad people or the wrong people.

If there is no bad or sorrow in the world, it is hard to understand the good and joy. You need to understand that your purpose of life might be to be a proud thug or a thief, but that is what you are meant to be but you can also rewrite your path and be a Robinhood.  It is very hard to figure out unless you understand yourself.

You can also find your true purpose with the help of astrology and tarot cards. They will give you an insight into what is your behavior, your personality and your strength, weakness, and your power. All these factors can guide you through one direction where you can find the true purpose of life. you need to remember that every purpose has a deeper meaning and a great impact on society.

Start thinking about your life and how you want to change anything. You need to learn from your own experience and past. Understand the inner meanings of the past incidents that lead you here today and made you the man you are.

Be grateful for what help you got in your whole life and repay with kindness and every action you do to make your debts clear will make you understand what is important in your life and what is not. Start doing good to people who have nothing and seek knowledge that you can spread.

Family is a god’s gift of life and you should protect it no matter what. Everyone should channel their power and energy towards one focused goal and you will learn your purpose of this life.