What is the meaning of Ketu Antardasha and what are its remedies?

In Vedic astrology, three aspects are responsible for an event to take place. One of the aspects is the concept of “Dasha”. Different planets and celestial bodies in the solar system are responsible for different events and different predictions to take place. 120 years are perceived as an individual’s complete lifetime and different celestial bodies are assigned with different periods in this timeline. There is a total of 9 Mahadashas and those 9 Mahadashas are further divided into 9 Antardashas each. The position of Moon at the time of our birth indicates our Mahadasha. Ketu, Venus, Sun, Moon, Mars, Rahu, Jupiter, Saturn, Mercury is the sequence of occurrence of Dasha in a lifetime. These Dashas can be both beneficial and devastating in our life, depending on many other factors. In simple terms, Dasha is the calendar of our lifetime, which is defined by the Vedic astrology. Our Janam kundali is responsible for a Dasha to be favorable or unfavorable for us in our future events.

What is Ketu Antardasha?

Ketu Dasha specifically lasts for 7 years in our life. This Dasha is highly considered a very bad luck period. Generally, this Dasha is very hyped up in negativity, but actually, it may or may not be negative depending upon the position of Ketu in our horoscope. Antardasha is known to bring interest in spirituality, mystics, occult, and the subject of metaphysics. Ketu’s Antardasha can make you detached and introverted, in your family there may be a chance of someone cheating with you, and it may also bring many health issues. One of the most infamous Antardashas, the Ketu Antardasha is surely very malefic, but Vedic astrology still has many rituals, practices, and customs for an individual to perform to minimize the worse effects of this Antardasha. Many people give their example in their time through, Ketu Antardasha and they generally state this period as “hell”. Their worse condition of Ketu Antardasha being afflicted by bad luck can prove to be the worst combination in the horoscope. The Vedic astrology and the Hindu scriptures state the reasons for the sufferings during Ketu Antardasha to be the result of karma from our previous life or our current past. Ketu Antardasha also has its job to make you realize the importance of life and make your mind more positive centered and make you realize the importance of life and appreciating the little beautiful things that we have got.

Ketu Mahadasha is a sign of bad times but it depends always on the individual to make the best out of this. The bad times will always be prevalent, and they will be responsible to make a better version of ourselves or to break our hope. Antardasha can also turn out to be positive for some people, it all comes down to the placement of Ketu in our Janam kundali. Ketu has made the best engineers, psychics, programmers, and tech experts in our world. Generally, these people are found to have very well placement of Ketu in their Janam kundali charts. Ketu placed in various spiritual combinations are likely to get involved in spiritual expertise in their horoscope. The ideal position of Ketu in their horoscope will make the most excellent yogis, monks, gurus, and spiritual leaders. You may be suffering badly during the Ketu Antardasha, but it also allows you to evolve spiritually. The Ketu Dasha is followed by Venus which is believed to last for 20 years and Venus Dasha is responsible to bring all the positivity lost during the Ketu. Hence, hope must not be lost during the Ketu Amtardasha and no wrong steps shall be taken by the individual which may be the reason for regret in the future. Holding on to place strongly during the bad times and learning to become a better person is the best an individual can do.

Many people believe that the Saturn Dasha is the planet that is responsible for suffering. However, a bit of research and experience can make anyone realize that there is another planet which can be worse at times, the Ketu. Ketu Antardasha can make anyone think that the world is an illusion and most of the astrologers give the solution of Ketu Antardasha as to reaching out to god.

If there is an Antardasha that can turn a disbeliever of astrology to turn towards this magnificent science, it is Ketu.

Remedies of Ketu antardasha:

There are a few things to be taken care of if you need to bring some change. Firstly, you must have a good outlook on your horoscope and specifically check if, you are going through Ketu’s antardasha. Check if Ketu’s antardasha is also along with other malefic like Saturn, Mars, and Sun because the mahadasha and antardasha combination of these with Ketu can be more fatal. Only a very few percentages of people who went through Ketu can say that there was nothing bad that happened to them. The luckiest are those who never face the antardasha and whose charts have good placement of Ketu. But, in most of the cases, the two worst luck planets are badly placed. It is also said that the first 8 years of a child are affected by its parents’ Dasha and karmas. After completing the first 8 years of his/her life, the child is completely on his/her karma.

Vedic astrology also gives us many methods to minimize the effect of Ketu or to avoid it in your life. The first thing to be done is to contact your astrologer. The most expert astrologers have various rituals and remedies to deal with the upcoming or present Ketu antardasha.


Recite Vishnu sahasranaam

Recite Ketu mantra from Navagrah Strotra

Recite scriptures, go to the spiritual places especially in the south and donate to brahmins to get closer to god.

Wear a cat’s eye.

Although the concept of Antardashas is very vague for many people, the believers can always have the right faith in God to get through anything.


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