What is the Essence that makes you see a life worth living for?

What is the Essence that makes you see a life worth living for?

I believe that there is no one out there who does not want his or her life worth living for. It is true that most of the people think that life is not worth living for if they are to live it alone, without anyone’s love and support, without anyone’s standing by side or without anyone’s hand-holding. But this is not what only decided the essence of your life.

If you feel someday the above mentioned thought then just close your eyes with a calm mind and ask God to give you what you want. There are several thoughts to what makes a life worth living. Some people find the essence of life is nothing but just peace, some find it in the religion, some find it in happiness and some others find it in love, work, and play. Have you thought yet that what are the essences that make your life worth living for? How about trying to find this essence below?


There are several philosophers who left the world while thinking about the meaning of life for their whole living time. They doubted whether life has any intrinsic meanings. You must have heard about a lot of cases where the people get fed up with their lives and commit suicide due to the constant stress, depression, and negativity in their minds. But, if we keep this darkness aside and look at the brighter side, then we will realize that our life is based on what we think and do. Most of the people keep ‘nothing’ as the essence of their lives.

 What does this ‘nothing’ signify? The term signifies the part where people realize that they are satisfied with what they have. They have no desires and no expectations from the world and are happy with whatever they have. Their essence of life is that period where they do not need to struggle or run anymore for their desires. They feel that settling at one place to enjoy the rest of their life in peace with the ones they have by their side is the only essence they have. They work throughout their life for this period and when they achieve it, they consider that they have got the essence of their life which has made their life to be worth living.


There are a majority of people who believe in their traditions and respect and follow it. The strong connection between the people and their religion signifies the bond of spirituality which creates a greater meaning in every person’s lives. There are those who feel that the essence of life is in meeting God during their lifetime. While there are those who believe that everything appears for a reason. Some consider religion as a life of living while some consider religion as a base for every happening and continue with their life keeping religion with them on their side.

The people from this majority who believe that the essence of life is to meet God during their lifetime find the essence in the religion. Following traditions such as Hinduism, Islam, Christianity, Sikhism, Buddhism, Jainism, and many other religions are believed to be the road to their essence of life. They find their life to be worth living for only their God and get devoted to their Gods for a whole lifetime. To give such an example, Meerabai left her home, her husband, and all the worldly desires because she got the meaning of life in the devotion to God. She saw her life to be worth living for her beloved God Krishna and found the essence in him.


What is the definition of happiness for you? Is it a success? Is it love? Is it family? Whatever the road you chose for happiness, you try to find the essence of life in it. Usually, people believe that their life would be worth living for if they get what they desire. It is no doubt that you need to dream high to achieve high. But, it is not the case as not everyone who dreams their essence of life to be high get it in their lifetime. This reason makes people suffer through a setback and they start searching the meaning of life.

It is usually widely accepted the happiness of life is in leading a meaningful life. There are people who are living a happy life but have not found the essence of their life. For such people who are missing the element of essence which determines their worth of life for which they live, a quality check is required in such situations. If you think rationally, you will get to know what element you are missing. It might be the happiness but not in the format you wanted it to be. Do not confuse your worth of life with the desires you have. The essence of life, something which may or may not get founded easily, is the only thing which you need to search for once you find it with your whole heart.


This is the most accepted criteria where more than 90 percent of the people find their essence of life and make it worth living for. Love is a thing that is seen and is required from birth to death. Whether it is your parents’ love from the birth or your husband/wife’s love till the time of death, the people find true love in their life which makes their life complete and meaningful. While some people look of love essence, some people are work-oriented and find their worth in a successful life where they are free to use all the things for which they have desired from their early life. This desire may be of money, fame, or anything else.

Love, work, and play are indeed important assets in a person’s life but it is not the essence of life for all people. A deeper analysis of the situation has opened the fact that most of the people do not get their essence so they try to find the worth of their lives in such small things. Thus, this becomes their satisfaction, their essence, and their meanings on which they get the worth of their lives.