Everyone has a destined path in their life from day 1 to the Earth. Each individual walks on the path which has been pre-destined for them at the time of their birth. No one can escape the destiny. It does not matter whether the destiny of a person takes him or her to the doom or the heaven, what matters is that they cannot change their destination to whichever path they choose to walk on. 

Many people are curious from their early period of life to know what they can do with their life or what is written in their destiny. The people who love their life are very curious to know what will happen in the future in their life and possess certain questions in themselves to what they can do.

To find answers to such questions, each person is awarded a destiny number which can help them to let them know about their characteristics and future path. Some people find it easy to match their life with their destiny number while some people find it less matching with their life picture. But how do you find what is your destiny number?


To calculate and to know your destiny number, you need to know that each alphabet has its prescribed number. The letters A, J, S carry one point each while the letters B, K, T holds two points each. The letters C, L, U carry three points each while the letters D, M, V holds four points each. Similarly, letters E, N, W carry 5 points each, letters F, O, X carry 6 points each, letters G, P, Y carry 7 points each, the letters H, Q, Z carry 8 points each while the letter ‘I’ and ‘R’ carry 9 points each. 

The individual needs to expand their name and then add the numbers based on the data provided. For instance, if the name is John, then the name would be expanded as J, O, H, N. Now, the assigned numbers will be added together like J+O+H+N = 1+6+8+5. The total of this would be 20. Now we will further split and add this number like this – 2+0 which will lead to 2. Therefore, the destiny number of John is 2. Found it pretty fascinating and easy to do right? Now, let us look at what each destiny number says about that person.  


Destiny Number 1

The first number holds the first position which signifies that the individual whose destiny number is 1 wants to remain on top throughout their lives and hate to even get down to even one rank. Such people are highly confident and work continuously to develop themselves.

Destiny Number 2

The individuals with their destiny number as 2 are the one who is soft-hearted and do not wish to see anger and violence anywhere. From their own life to the whole society, these individuals want to establish love and harmony as well as peace and happiness all around the atmosphere.

Destiny Number 3

The people whose names give them the destiny number as 3 are the ones who are highly optimistic and enthusiastic by nature. They believe that they have been sent to earth to look at the places where there is sadness and work in that area to heal their atmospheric and spiritual situations.

Destiny Number 4

The individuals who have their destiny number as 4 are highly practical and determined by nature who look at their life term security for which they seek to create or develop something that helps not only them but their family and their generation for a longer period of time. 

Destiny number 5

The individuals with destiny number 5 are full of productivity as well as the creativity of their mind which helps them to look at the brighter side of the things and produce something effective. Their destiny number shows that they are very manipulative as well as full of potential. 

Destiny number 6

The destiny of the individuals with their destiny number as 6 is love as these people are highly romantic and want to nurture their relationships at all times to keep them strong and peaceful. They can solve any problem with their power of love and brains at the same time. 

Destiny number 7

The people with destiny number 7 are inspired by the teachings of great teachers like Gautam Buddha and wish to seek wisdom and meaning in their lives. They can dig deep into the things and extract out the relevant information required. 

Destiny number 8

The individuals who have their destiny number as 8 are highly goal-oriented and love to focus on their efforts in order to achieve what they want. They take such goals which help them to know what is good for them or a type of goal which will fulfill all of their wishes through a strong financial front. 

Destiny number 9

Destiny number 9 holds such kinds of people who are knowledge-worms and want to learn each and everything form whatsoever the source they get. They are highly passionate as well as knowledgeable which helps them to achieve the meaning of their life and love to spread out knowledge to people who love to listen to it. 

Master number 11/2

The Master number is difficult to have but the individuals who their destiny number as 11/2 are like all-rounders who have a whole lot of opportunities and are the one who loves to who can heal even a whole world with their wisdom words as well as a rich spiritual knowledge. From singing to learning, there is not a single task which the individuals with their 11/2 destiny number can do. 

The numerological aspects or you can say the destiny numbers help you out to point out your characteristics as well as carry out the procedure to lead a harmonious life before finally reaching the gate of destiny before death.