What is Rajjotok in astrology?

Rajjotok means a perfect couple in the world of astrology. Astrologers call a couple as perfect when all the gunas or characteristics of a Kundli is matched. When the gunas of a Kundli is matched, the results tell the compatibility between two people.

From physical compatibility to issues in the marriage everything is determined by the matching of a Kundli. Astrologers considers that if after a Kundli matching, the results don’t show two people as compatible then it is difficult for both the persons to get married and live a happy life.

When a couple is called a perfect pair or Rajjotok?

There are in total of 36 characteristics or gunas in a Kundli. When these gunas are matched with the gunas of another person, some points get matched and some don’t. If the Kundli matching of a couple has matched all the 36 characteristics, then according to astrology they are considered to be the perfect couple.

They would lead a happy and successful married life. Marriage will have less turmoil and there will be lots of happiness in every area of the married life. It is not necessary that for marriage all the 36 characteristics should match. It is believed that if at least 18 characteristics will match, then also it is favorable to marry each other.

The gunas in the Kundli represent different areas of life like work, health, love, thought process, destiny, dominance, etc. These gunas show the characteristics of a person in different areas. Hence, when the Kundli matching is done it basically matches the different areas of a person’s life with the life of another person.

If a person marries even though they had less than 18 matching gunas then it is considered that the marriage life would have lots of issues and challenges. The married life would become a bit difficult. Problems faced can be different from different couples.

Some suffer from extreme conflicts between them, financial issues, etc. while some also suffer from difficulties inability to have children. Basically, less than 18 matched Gunas mean two people are not compatible in life, mentality, or even sexually.

The Kundli matching is considered to be very important to find the compatibility. There are rare cases where the kundli of two persons has matched 36 out of 36 characteristics or gunas. Thus, when people look for compatible partners, they try to match at least 18 gunas. The more number of matched gunas, the easier and happier will be your married life.

Importance of the Kundli matching

The Hindu Vedic astrology has always given lots of importance to the ritual of Kundli matching before marriages. The Kundli is a very useful chart that has been used in different areas of life to check future possibilities, career opportunities, etc.

The compatibility check for marriages is just a single use of the Kundli. There are many other different uses of a Kundli. Some astrologers predict which will be the best career options for a person based on their Kundli. The correct time to get married can also be checked by the Kundli.

The Kundli is also used by lots of people to check the future possibilities of a person. This is the reason Kundli has got so much importance in the lives of Hindus especially.

Kundali is basically a birth chart with the positions of different planets, Sun and other planetary bodies. This simple chart can be of immense importance in the life of a person. It can tell a lot about your luck or destiny. Your destiny in work or love.

Astrological compatibility is, in fact, a branch of astrology that deals with the compatibility test for two people getting married. The compatibility test is also done by horoscopes.

Horoscopes are another very important and useful part of astrology. Every human is divided into some zodiac signs. These zodiac signs are also a very important part of the compatibility test between two people.

These practices were believed by people from ancient times. But now, these rituals and practices have lost their importance. The reasons behind losing the importance can be the development of science and also due to the existence of false and inefficient astrologers.

As science has got no proofs to support the results of astrology, hence many people have stopped believing in them. There are also lots of false and inexperienced people existing in the astrology industry. They fail to give correct results to people and when people don’t get accurate results they start to lose interest from astrology.

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