What Is Mercury In Aquarius?

What Is Mercury In Aquarius?

What does planet Mercury brings in the life of different signs they retrograde in or are present in a particular sign.

Similarly, what presence of Mercury in Aquarius mean, what are its effects on Aquarius individual’s life. Everything each aspect in detail, we will discuss here.

So let’s start, with our knowledgeable journey.


Mercury planet in astrology:-

Mercury is a dual nature planet & rules two signs Gemini & Virgo. Mercury is the closest planet to Sun and that’s why it seems to be planet related to deity connection & devotion.

It deals with an individual’s communication, voice, expression, fun humor & the way they react to things.

It is a curious, practical, opportunistic & inquisitive planet. It also represents ideas coordination & our thoughts.

On a bad note, it makes individuals nervous, indecisive & emotionless.


Aquarius Traits:-

Independent, intellectual, artistic and open-minded Aquarius is always ready to do something innovative.

Aquarius are deep thinkers and think for the betterment of their future, they have that desire and energy which helps in achieving what they want and makes their future better.

They always welcome change and also want to change things in the world for good. They are kind and fun people to be with.

They tend to know everything before being told even, they are ‘’know it all’’ type of person and that’s why their keyword is “ I know “.


Mercury in Aquarius sign:-

Mercury occupies any of the twelve signs at the time of an individual’s birth, it may be there’s sun sign or not. & similarly, mercury occupies the Aquarius sign.

Aquarius being an air sign is highly intelligent. And the individuals born under mercury in Aquarius, mostly have an intellectual motive in life.

These individuals tend to be very delightful, witty & unusual and are very interesting too. People love being in their company & give importance to what they say.

People born under Mercury in Aquarius, hate rules, regulations & schedule they just can’t follow a single one in life.

They just do the things their way, which may seem off to others but is really organized for such Aquarians. And they also can complete any task easily by doing so.

Mercury born Aquarius can be stubborn at times with their views & tend to be very quirky.

Aquarius is ruled by Uranus and relations between Uranus and Mercury is something highly energetic and electrical.

And their such connection makes the individual very sharp-minded and they can lead a successful life due to their intelligence.

And also with their intellect, they can perform well in science and research related works.

Mercury brings open-mindedness, progress and originality in Aquarius life for their better.

But the same Aquarius brings inconsistency, impatience and dogmatic attitude in an Aquarius individual.

Mercury can make Aquarius an individual fall in love with panoramic activities, theories, and astrology also, which is quite different from Aquarius personality trait.

Mercury also makes Aquarius to think about how to change the world around them, how to make it better with their kindness, love, warmth, and humanity.


Mercury transit in Aquarius on 31st January 2020:-

The change of Mercury has taken place in your own sign, that is, ascendant, this feeling gives information about your nature and health.

Everyone will praise you because of your quick response and clever decisions. Be cautious about health as your physical ability will be weak due to health affected.

Take some rest from work if possible. Love partners will have a good relationship. Understand and respect your partner to keep them happy.

According to your zodiac, Mercury is the lord of your fifth and eighth house, therefore you will increase your knowledge form this mercury transit, due to which your value and respect may also increase.

During the time of mercury transit in Aquarius foretells that the people connected with business will get success. You will be financially strong.

For those who are still unemployed, it is seen bringing the good news of the planet Mercury. Unmarried people can get married.

For those who had stopped their studies due to some reason, it would be a good time to start their studies again.

This mercury transit is giving support to the natives of married life by getting each other’s support.



Mercury, the planet of communication and voice can make things easier as well worst, depending upon the sign it's entering, it's the ruling planet and all.

And for Aquarius, it brings a positive way more than any negative and makes their life much easier.

It makes all their thoughts clear and and also brings peace in their mind and life.