What is Kundali Milan?

What is Kundali Milan?

A Kundali is a birth chart based on your time of birth, date as well as a place of birth. It uses Vedic Astrology to identify the planets in your favor and map out your entire life ahead of you. It can be deciphered further to understand the position of planets in your birth chart, how they change and how it affects you. The question now arises, what exactly is kundali Milan? It is the first step taken by families when 2 individuals wish to get married. When 2 Janam kundalis are compared and scored, the process is called Kundali Milan. It is done to check the compatibility of the two individuals according to their stars and planets. The astrologer or panditji compares them and points out the faults if any. What does he or she compare?  Guna, Navamsa Charts, Doshas and Yogas in both the individuals. Each of these has some points attached to them, and as per the total number of points gained by the prospective couple, their compatibility is discovered.


What is Gun Milan?

Gunas, loosely translated into qualities are what define an individual's personality. They are matched with another set of gunas which is how the compatibility test takes place. The higher the score, the better the stability and affinity in any marriage. These 8 gunas are as follows:


  1. Varna - We are all well aware of the famous varna system of the four casts - The Brahmins, The Kshatriyas, The Shudras and The Vaishyas. According to Vedic Astrology, the Varna of the boy should be equal to or higher than the girls’. It determines the couple’s personality and skill set. It holds 1 point.


  1. Vashya - This guna is what determines the amount of control the couple has on each other. If this guna matches, the control is 50-50 and that means the match will get along quite well. This guna holds 2 points.


  1. Tara - This guna is perhaps the most important, as it determines how the couple will do after they marry. The health and well-being of both the partners come into being here, and if this does not match then the couple might not be compatible at all. A concept of Manglik is introduced here, which means any person who cannot marry other than their own kind (who are also Manglik), for they will bring death and destruction to their married life. This guna has 3 points.


  1. Yoni -This sign helps in identifying the sexual and biological companionship of both the individuals and is extremely important for a happy married life. This guna holds 4 points.


  1. Graha Maitri - This guna makes sure that you and your partner have a common mentality, and that your intellect matches. Even in an arranged marriage, this makes sure that the couple is able to connect on matters of importance.  The guna holds 5 points for both the partners.


  1. Gana - It determines the couple's behavior and their compatibility based on their temperaments as well as their ability to handle difficult situations. It also determines how often they might fight. This guna holds 6 points.


  1. Bhakoot - This guna is related to the financial prosperity of the couple after marriage, and how their careers will pan out after they marry. It determines how much money they will make and how well they will be able to provide for their children. It holds 7 points.


  1. Nadi - This guna determines the couple's children and how fertile they both are. It holds the maximum points and is the most important guna. It also indicates the health and well being of the entire family after the couple gets married. The guna holds 8 points.


After counting all the points, if the scores are from 32-36 then the couple is perfect for each other, and the marriage is highly recommended. If the score is 24-32, the marriage will definitely be successful. If it is 18-24, then the match is average, and only with efforts from both sides will it be able to work out, and if the score is anything less than 18, the marriage is not recommended at all.

So what can be done when your kundalis do not match? Well, that is a question which can be answered well by your astrologer, who can recommend some solutions for havans for you to conduct. In all, the kundali Milan is an important part of any Hindu marriage and should be done as soon as possible. You can also ask your astrologer for the auspicious dates for your wedding based on this match.

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