What Is Ascendant In Aquarius?

Aquarius Ascendant is Uranus and Saturn planet, Uranus is the ruling planet of the zodiac sign Aquarius, but the planet Saturn also bangs or is considered as the ruling planet. But do you know what is meant by Ascendant in Aquarius? Ascendant is also called the ruling stars are baptized by the astrologers, when you're born, your zodiac sign rises in the leadership of the sun from the ground. And Aquarius, as a result, has Uranus as it's chart ruler and on the other hand Saturn reveals the veracity about you. 

Ascendant, Sun and Moon are the three elements that portray everything in Astrology. Talking about Ascendant of Aquarius, it tells about the personality, actions, behavior, lifestyle, interest, how they're going to act, anger control, nature and a lot of things. 


Find good in you! 

Aquarius are the rising humanitarian always looking to see the good in others. They develop new ideas and concepts, being a fixed air sign they're not easy to change personality. Try to understand the opinion of others too, Don't always think that others are fools. Being born under this rising star opens a lot of opportunities and platforms, learn more and try to make long-lasting connections. 

These people hate when anyone close to them, are not treating them special. Be positive and try to understand their problems and situations. They're good and positive ones, be proud of your rising stars. 


Let us study how your rising planet helps astrologers to study various characteristics and behavior in you.

1. Eye of rising planet 

People having Aquarius as it's sun sign want to hear the truth, and also folks trust them quickly. They have a dominating personality and focus more on the intellectual side of life. They are very intelligent and can understand every point of view in an argument. They love to live an independent life and from moving time they prefer to live alone. 

They can be good extroverts if they are close to someone, they can make friends easily as people get attracted to their helping nature. They don't forgive easily if someone disappoints or plays games with them, but if they can forgive someone they should. 

Nothing can stop a dark blue Uranus Ascendant to achieve its goals and fight for them. The cold Uranus makes an Aquarius live in harsh conditions and power to control anything. 


2. Relationship status 

Aquarius ascendant is a friendly sign which cares about friends and family. They like friends who are honest, virtue and the same they expect from their family members and they will form a bond who has these characteristics, he/she will share every secret with them. 

They lack in controlling long-lasting relationships, as it is laborious for them to understand others what they're thinking. But they have a high group of friends. 

The Saturn Ascendant doesn't make Aquarius easy to handle and are sometimes troublemakers so their parents will find more difficult to make them disciplined. Their bond with family is based on the understanding they both have between them, it may be strongest or the weakest. 


3. Business /Money making

The energetic Uranus and secretive Saturn need to wake up their inner revolution and have to do something in the field of career. They love their job in which they can showcase their abilities and interests, they enjoy learning new things and have the capability of developing new things and do much more in their jobs. 

This year is your lucky year, having a big heart can be a social helper, they have a very helpful nature and are always ready to help others. Due to this reason, they may find their jobs for helping others. They don't like to work alone, teamwork is a key to success for them. 


Add On The Charm! 

The Saturn ruling planet changes every aspect of life, how you dress up yourself is also very important, people having this zodiac sign are gifted with the ability to carry all styles and trends.  A modern free Aquarius will love to carry hand loom series more. They're more casual and like to wear clothes like T-shirts, trousers, jeans, skirts, etc. 

They love to decorate their feet and hands, so try anklets, silver rings, long boots, it'll enhance their beauty. Creative and unique are their style qualities, so they can try dark bold colors with their outfits. 

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